1-15-19: Five Steez, Doza The Drum Dealer & Donald Goynz, Def Rock



The Good People ft. Lil Fame - Higher

Grand Surgeon ft. Ruste Juxx - Move Back

A.J. Munson  ft. Ren Thomas, Banish Habitual & Supreme Cerebral - Cold Crush

Canibus ft. Seven Spherez - Hallelujah

Akbar - Second Hand Smoke

Tiye Phoenix ft. Queen Herawin & Stahhr - Kill Bill 3

Napoleon Da Legend - Pharaohgamo

Left Lane Didon & Jay NiCE - Villainous Vigilante

Ill Advanced - Get Buried

ETHEMADASSASSIN ft. J. Bond (ILLPO), O.G. Bobby Ne'go & Pisto Pop - Animal House

Soul King - West Coast Kreation

John Robinson - Executive Stats

Soloceaser (Tha Soloist & Brutal Caesar) - W

Eloh Kush & Ray West ft. John Robinson & 60 Second Assassin - Circle 7

Taiyamo Denku ft. Copywrite & Queen Herawin - Check 32

RhymSter - Maintainin'

Five Steez Interview

Five Steez & Mordecai - Work

Five Steez & Mordecai - Days N Times

Comet ft. AG Da Coroner - Drones

Jay Royale ft. Eto - Ooowop

Bg D & Kool Keith - Frankenstein Mafia

Ruste Juxx, King Magnetic & Illa Ghee - Class Is In Session

Akbar - Soft Kill

Tha God Fahim - I'm Bout My Bread Like Tha Earths Crust

Monday Night - I Remember

R.A. The Rugged Man - The Return

Suave The God ft. Nowaah The Flood - God Hour

Doza The Drum Dealer & Donald Goynz Interview

Doza The Drum Dealer & Donald Goynz - Celino & Barnes

Doza The Drum Dealer & Donald Goynz - That's More Like It

Doza The Drum Dealer & Donald Goynz Interview con't.

Tha Soloist & Melvin Junko - Life Paper

Brown Bag Money & Da Cloth - Carnation Milk

Buddy Leezle ft. Him-Lo - Vapor

Tree & Vic Spencer ft. Chris Crack - Lucifer Callin'

Magno Garcia & General Back Pain - Balling on a Budget

Speed Ft. eNox - Raw Glass

Def Rock Interview

1-1-19: Issac Sawyer, Killy Shoot



Recognize Ali, Ren Thomas & Ruste Juxx - Style (cuts by Tone Spliff)

Sleep Sinatra - Phoenix

Marv Won - Evil A Round

The Dice Man - Iron Mic

Ill Conscious, J Scienide & DJ TMB - 295

Ty Farris, Mark 4ord & Lord Juco - My Aroma

Dom Pachino & Bugsy Da God - Pandemonium

Meta - Hanuman Walking

Akbar - The Wilderness

Greezi Amiin ft. Mic Handz - U Don't Understand

Rome Streetz - DeadFace Notes

Innocent? ft. St. Ivan The Terrible - Morals

Flashius Clayton - Ennio Morricone

Da Buze Bruvaz ft. Thirstin Howl III - Unlimited Shell Casingz

Hus Kingpin - Broken Sky

IamT2 ft. Heist Life (Sauce Heist, Ty Da Dale & Baby Maine Heist) - '92 Wu

Issac Sawyer Interview

P.S. The Great ft. Issac Sawyer - Hating On Me

Slump Lords - Pockets

Issac Sawyer Interview con't.

Issac Sawyer - Resolutions

Eto - The Burial Song

FLEEMRKT (Bub Styles & ARXV) - Stalin Like Mother Russia

Reef The Lost Cauze - The Hand That Feeds

Nowaah The Flood - 100K

Lo Profile - Sometimes

Innocent? & Nutso ft. Cortez & Ricky Batts - Triboro

Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood & Futurewave - Smack!!!

Haile Ali & Kyo Itachi - Cusah Heigths

Cormega ft. Havoc - Live Your Best Life

Sully Nomad - Blue Leather Winds

Al.Divino & Estee Nack - Ject Jedi

Jamal Gasol ft. Jay NiCE - True Stories

Killy Shoot Interview

Killy Shoot ft. General Back Pain - The Jects

Killy Shoot - Alejandro Sosa

Final Shoutouts

12-18-18: Q.U.E.S.T. & Last Measure (Killa Monsoon), This Jusn



Marty McKay & Canibus ft. Wrekonize & Chris Rivers - Agent Smith

The Quarter Inch Kings & Nomad Carlos - Post Up

Aye Wun - Lo Siento

Whiteowl - A TO Z

Planet Asia & Killa Kali - Aggressive Meetings

Method Man ft. Rock & Kash Varrazano - Bridge Boys

Mega Ran ft. MC Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze, REKS & Storyville - Artillery (Remix)

King Shampz - Half A Bricc

A.J. Munson ft. Ruste Juxx & M-Dot - Guilty

Vincent Pryce & Nicholas Craven ft. Pay$o - Disgusting

Sap - Favors

Juxx Diamondz - Head On

Kool Taj The GR8 - Dope Work

Moriss Regal & Nicholas Craven - Forest Green

Madchild - Demons

Eto & Vinyl Villain - Holes in the Desert

Kool Kieth & Psycho Les ft. B-Real - Zero

Jamal Gasol - Stay On Ya Deen

This Jusin Interview

WateRR & Sleep Sinatra - Henny & Reefa

Reese Harper - Intent

Fastlife - Deadpool

Dre Barrs ft. Mav - Time Don't Wait

Rob Dinero ft. Madhattan - The Animals

Surge The Menace - Havik

Killy Shoot ft. General Back Pain - The Jects

Chris Crack ft. Tree & Conway - Jealousy in Jokes

Sinnagi (Undeniable) - Personal Effects

Advice ft. Jennuine - Smile

SmooVth & Flu - Six Shots

Kesper & LEX - Fuck a Hook

Q.U.E.S.T. & Last Measure (Killa Monsoon) Interview

Killa Monsson - Mobbin

Q.U.E.S.T. & Last Measure (Killa Monsoon) Interview con't.

Killa Monsson ft. Prince Po - Holy Ghost

12-11-18: Fantom of the Beats, DJ PaidInFull



Domo Genesis - Two Tone Durag

Locksmith ft. Murs - Stars

Clear Soul Forces - They Shootin

Chris Skillz ft. ILL Conscious & Left Lane Didon - Saints Of Last Resorts

Kyo Itachi ft. Tash - Life Of Tha Party

Falconcrest & Giallo Point - Pastor Greenleaf

Diceman ft. The Legion - We All Shine (Remix)

Tha Soloist - Greatness

Conway - Proud Of Me

P Wise - Heart Of The City (prod. by Erick Sermon)

Bobby J From Rockaway - Lullaby

Comet ft. Tragedy Khadafi - Pinhead

Fantom of the Beats Interview

Pop Da Brown Hornet ft. Don Dollars - Straighten It Out

The UMC's - Never Never Land

Killy Shoot - On The Run

Bub Rock ft. Broz - Dreamin

Eto & Vinyl Villian - Holes in the Desert

Mo Rukuz ft. Ren Thomas, Enels & A-God - Grime Diluvian

Mooch ft Rigz - Look At Me Now

CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah - Iron Claw

Lord Juco & Won87 - Unholy

Jamal Gasol - The Oath

Spoda - Homicide

DJ PaidInFull Interview

12-4-18: Solomon Childs, Tito Fuerte (Wolfhead), DJ I-Truth



Dag Savage (Exile & Johnaz) ft. Blu & CashUs King - If You're Down

Father Focus Confucius ft. Elz Sinatra - Young Griffey

Falconcrest - Suite 211

Jason Famous Beats ft. Tito Fuerte - Black Out

Erick Dayz - Black Boys Dream Too

Live Percenters ft. Chris Rivers - Mad Colorful

Domo Genesis - Online

Sully Nomad ft. Vinny Vindetta - Amber Ashtray

Vstylez ft. Kool G Rap, A.G., O.C. & KXNG Crooked - Return of the Kraken

Planet Asia & Tristate - Black Magic

Tha Soloist & Brutal Ceaser - All Work

Solomon Childs Interview

Solomon Childs & Tone Spliff - Fallen Memories

Solomon Childs & Tone Spliff - True Definition

Solomon Childs Interview con't.

Solomon Childs, & Tone Spliff, ft. B. Dvine, Rock & Conway - 2 Middle Fingers Up

Rim - Nore Flidow

WateRR & Kurse - Dollars & The Rent

J-Scienide - Sunday Morning

Dark Lo & V Don ft. Roc Marciano - Direct

Jamil Honesty & Hobgoblin ft. Jay Royal & DJ Grazzhoppa - Scribez

Vincent Pryce & Nicholas Craven ft. Moriss Regal - Double S

Gorilla Nems ft. B.E.N.N.Y. the Butcher - To the Grave

MCMXCIV - Elegant

Rome Streetz & Uncle John - God Degree

ILL Gordon - Just Barz

Vic Spencer ft. D. Brash - Red 40

Tito Fuerte (Wolfhead) Interview

Wolfhead - A.O.A.

Wolfhead - Harambe

Tito Fuerte (Wolfhead) Interview con't.

Wolfhead - 13th Moon

Wolfhead - Wolf Thug

Kyo Itachi ft. Conway - Shootouts On Bailley Ave

Conspiracy ft. Popular Ack - Bottle Service

The Alchemist ft. Roc Marciano & Black Thought - Roman Candles

11-27-18: Supreme Cerebral



DJ Nu-Mark ft. Method Man - Zodiac Killah

ManKind - Supreme Being

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble - King Spirit

PR Dean ft. Illa Ghee & King Just - NarcoMania

DJ Clif & Comet - Borne Supremacy

Don O ft. Lissa'andro & Flashius Clayton - Doorbusters

Seven Spherez ft. DJ TMB - Desert Eagle

Mikey D, Ruste Juxx, Despo & Lega Cee - Senior Class

Statik Selektah & Termanology ft. CRIMEAPPLE - Crimeology

Cousin Feo ft. WeBeDigi, Nije, Lord Juco & Haze - Ballon D'Or

Certain.Ones - Puny Human

Willie the Kid - The Feeling of Winning

Smoke DZA - Energy

Supreme Cerebral Interview 

Supreme Cerebral ft. Jay Royal & Killy Shoot - Shots Reign

Banish Habitual ft. Shokryme & Supreme Cerebral - Lord Forgive Me

Solomon Childs ft. Rock, Conway & B - 2 Middle Fingers Up

11-13-18: Zagnif Nori, Breeze Brewin, Hastyle Rhymes



Justice System - Bronxian Bauxite

Rapsody & JID - Redblue

D-Moet - I Just Want the Cash

Tha Soloist & Brutal Caesar - 8 Ball Jacket

Masta Ace & Marco Polo ft. Elzhi - Corporal Punishment

Ruste Juxx & Raticus - N##ga Talk

Killa Monsoon - Old Gems

Apokalips The Archangel (Ft. Mr. Jack & Dj Glibstylez) - Quiet Inspiration

Certain.Ones - Alpha Beta Rhyma

Tap Out ft. The Dunnas - Guess Whut?

Lisaan'dro - Message To The Fans

iKing (Lupus Dei & General Back Pain) - Antoine's

Mardoch ft. Da Flyy Hooligan - Iban

HaStyle Rhymes Interview

HaStyle Rhymes - Revolution is Hastyle

HaStyle Rhymes - Universal Fear

HaStyle Rhymes Interview con't.

HaStyle Rhymes - Icy Hot

TheRealSkitso - Tell Me How It Feel

Phybaoptikz & Giallo Point - Hare Krishna

Jon Doe & J57 ft. Ras Kass - Right On (D.R.U.G.S. Beats Pay Your Bills Remix)

Jay Royale ft. Lonnie Moore - The Aspiration

Guillotine Bars & Gillateen - Gillateen x Gilla

Recognize Ali, Daniel Son, Sully Nomad & Este Nack - Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

Zagnif Nori Interview

Solomon Childs - True Definition

Vast Aire - Shadow Dancer

Duffle Bag Hottie ft. Benny & Rick Hyde - Hottie On House Arrest

Eto & Nicholas Craven ft. Rigz - Protocal

Breeze Brewin Interview

Big Twins ft. Prodigy - Loyalty Over Love

Chubs - Danger Chasers

Passport Rav - Multiple Streams

Mama Sol - Ours

11-6-18: LEX & Kesper, Skanks The Rap Martyr



Hastyle - Universal Fear

StaHHr & Crazy DJ Bazarro - Come With The Weak Shit

REZ4REAL ft. NAsTY - Shoot

Dirty Sanchez - Heavy Thinker

Method Man ft. Redman, Hanz On & Streetlife - Wild Cats

Lisaan'dro - High Notes

Short Fyuz - Stickem

Mika Dough ft. ILL Conscious, Guy Grams, Dirt Platoon & DJ Grazzhoppa - Charles De Gaulle

Dave East - No Pork

Action Bronson ft. Meyhem Lauren - Brutal

LEX & Kesper Interview

Lex & Kesper - My Way

Lex & Kesper - Keep The Heads Nodding

Lex & Kesper interview con't.

Kyo Itachi ft. Ruste Juxx - Juxxarian

Pharoahe Monch ft. Lil Fame - 24 Hours

Ca$ablanca - Absolute Power!

UFO Fev - Basic Instructions

Supreme Allah ft. Roach Clip - Don't Worry

Lyric Jones & Nameless ft. Blakk Soul - All Mine


Killy Shoot - Shine a Light

Big Twins ft. Havoc - Memories

Styles P - Out the Way

Jamal Gasol & V Don - Eyes On The Prize

The Real Skitso - Nothin 2 loose

Frank B. - Space Ghost

Eff Yoo & Kurse ft. G.S. Advance, Aye Wun & Spit Gemz - Seppuku In B Minor

Skanks The Rap Martyr Interview

Skanks The Rap Martyr - Heaven

Skanks The Rap Martyr ft. Starvin B - Loud

Skanks The Rap Martyr Interview con't.

Def Soulja ft. Frontline Money - Award Show

Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Saturday Night Special

Westside Gunn ft. Benny the Butcher & Lord Flee - Niggas In Puerto Rico

SageInfinite - Snow Ball Effect

Defari & DirtyDiggs - Desmond Tutu

Enox & Fastlife - Heist

Rapper Big Pooh - City Of Ink

10-30-18: Eddie Brock, Melody Cummings



The Black Eyed Peas ft. Nas - Back 2 Hip Hop


J-Live - The Feeling

M-Dot - The Empathy (DJ Grazzhoppa Remix)

Kyo Itachi ft. Keith Murray - Enjoy

MARQUEE ft Monifah & DJ Chill Will FTE - Hood Good

Mos Beats ft. O The Great - Del Alma

Floco Torres - I Really Like!

Eloh Kush - A Brief Encounter

Chris Jones - I Still Love You

Benny Blanco - Free Game

Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick - Ask About Me

Tha Soloist - Carry On

Melody Cummings Interview

Reckonize Real & Guilty Simpson - The Whole World's My Ashtray

Neak - For My City

Willie The Kid - Dealer Plates

Mic Handz & Sean Price - Alive

Recognize Ali ft. Napoleon Da Legend & Shabaam Sahdeeq - Masterbuilders

Mick Jenkins - Ghost

AWAR ft. Cormega - Money Machine Music

Ras Kass - S.O.I.3.

Big Twinz - Phantom of the Opera (prod. by The Alchemist)

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz - That Place

Brother Ali - Sensitive

Homeboy Sandman & Edan - Grim Seasons

Eddie Brock Interview

Josiah The Great - Shaw Brothers

The Alchemist ft. Conway, Westside Gunn & Schoolboy Q - Fork in the Pot

LEX - The Launderer

Final Shoutouts

10-23-18: Cut Supreme, Big D & Easy Mo Bee, Otis Clapp



Tsi LaBrev - A1

Dyzzi ft. KReal & Huey V - Black Coffee

Boog Brown ft. Nolan the Ninja - Maintain

Amerikas Addiction & Taiyamo Denku - Lifestyle

Prince Po ft. Young Lars - Mind N Body

Stress - Ace of Swords

Demrick & DJ Hoppa - Amsterdam's Waiting

Abu Fvded - You Too Can Be President

DJ Illegal (Snowgoons) ft. Planet Asia & Side Effect - Remember

Senica Da Misfit ft. Juxx Diamondz - I Wanna Know

D Strong, Ruste Juxx & St. Ivan The Terrible - Trifecta

Otis Clapp Interview

Otis Clapp - Eulogy

Otis Clapp - Quentin

Kev Brown - This Message Will Self Destruct

Bobby J From Rockaway - Walter White (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Narcotechs ft. AG Da Coroner - Coroners Song

Kingdom Kome ft. Psycho Les - Money Pal

Floco Torres - Surrender!

Five Steez & Mordecai - Work

Big D & Easy Mo Bee Interview

Chuck Chan - Talk About That Shit

NatakaMc ft. Grafite - Flores

Mick Jenkins ft. Ghostface Killah - Padded Locks

Madhattan Mayor - Unordinary Love Song

Jiggie Joe - Foreign Land

Final Shoutouts

10-16-18: PF Cuttin, Kool Taj The Gr8



P. Genz - Indubious

Recognize Real & Guilty Simpson ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Got Your Back

Grime Lords ft. Planet Asia, TriState & Supreme Cerebral - Tri Color Chains

Eli Black - Pineal Complex

Styles P - Never Fight An African

Vice Souletric - Blip

Def Soulja ft. B. Stats & Naz-T - Starks

MZ Boom Bap & Ill Conscious ft. King Magnetic & DJ Grazzhoppa - Potent Serum

Fokis & Oh No - Practice Patience

Erick Dayz - Country Fried Manna

Mick Jenkins - Understood

Killy Shoot ft. General Back Pain - Blow

John Doe (Ill-Fated), ft. Taiyamo Denku & Serum - Phoenix

Cravneto (Bobby Craves & Mookneto) - Respect Tha Elders

Ca$ablanca - Collateral

38 Spesh, Jai Black & Daniel Son - The Suppliers

Prop Dylan - The Fat Lady

PF Cuttin Interview

O.C. & PF Cuttin - Beneath The Planet Apes

O.C. & PF Cuttin - 88

O.C. & PF Cuttin - Easy Work

PF Cuttin Interview con't.

O.C. & PF Cuttin - Sit Yourself Down

Eli Black - SmokeToo

AWAR ft. CyHi The Prynce - Rolex Time

Torae & Praise - Reaction

Phybaoptikz - Isotonic Water

Tha Soloist & Camouflage Monk - LIVINIT

Ton3 Sk33 - Dun Did It

Sunblaze - Man Of The Hour

Passport Rav - Departures

Sleep Sinatra & August Fanon - Raining Gold

Big D ft. Poison Pen, Good Time Slim, Immortal Technique & Swave Sevah - N.Y. Hardcore

Johnny Hustle, ENox & ToneyBoi - More Like Q

Big Kahuna OG - Information Hygiene

J-Live - Hating

Ecto-84 ft. Lord Juco & Haze - Necessities

Kool Taj The Gr8

Kool Taj The Gr8 - The Business

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Handle Bars

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Star Time

Final Shoutouts

10-9-18: DJ Enyoutee, Sai, Mark Steele



Loaded Lux ft. Perry Jones - Gravy

Whiteowl - Deep Shadows

U-Nik Stylez ft. Ill Conscious Da God, King Magnetic, Recognize Ali & GQ Nothin' Pretty - Good Co.

Papoose - My Sister

John Jiggs & DJ Concept - Gutter Ball

Uncle John ft. Solo For Dolo - My Way

Tha Soloist & DJ Rhum1 - Mayans

Jason Famous Beats ft. Rhinocerous Funk - Mott Haven Mathematics

SBBX & BENNY The Butcher ft. El Camino - War Story

Pawz One ft. Masta Of Ceremoniez - One By One

Blahzay Blahzay ft. Lil Fame - We Connected

Sai Interview

Cigarillion (Sai & Brillo) - La Roca

Sai Interview con't.

DeviceTrax - Bananaz

KXNG Crooked & Frost Gamble - Cowboy Bebop (Frost Gamble Mix)

Willie the Kid - CL Smooth

SpiderDaGod ft. Recognize Ali - The Grendel

StaHHr - Respect Due (Whatevea Man)

Snake Hollywood ft. Mic Geronimo & Metaphor The Great - Boondock Saints

K.A.A.N. - Kicks in

Eddie Brock - Crank

Planit Hank ft. Jeru The Damaja, Buckshot & AZ - Life In Crooklyn

Mark Steele Interview

Mark Steele ft. No Malice - Grace of God

Mark Steele Interview con't.

Mr. Jack & Apokalips The Archangel ft. DJ Flipcyide - Lead By Example

Ghostface KIllah ft. LA the Darkman, Ras Kass, Chris Rivers & Harley - Cold Crush

Conway and King Magnetic - Bulletproof Backpacks

Dave East & Styles P - For All My Niggas

Sleep Sinatra - Golden Moments

Seven Da Pantha ft. Apostle A.P.- Earned Not Given

Easalio ft. ScienZe - Enigma

DJ Enyoutee Interview

10-2-18: Kool Keith, Rome Streetz



Frank B. ft. Fame (M.O.P.) - Don't Go

Sadat X & El Da Sensei - Time to Get Live

Erick Dayz ft. Mojito - Timeless

Certain.Ones - Mine’s I

Anthony Cruz aka A Butta (Natural Elements) - New Yorkshire

Cypress Hill - Put Em in the Ground

Logic ft. The Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Forever

Grand Surgeon - GS1 Freestyle

Vee Skeeno - Moscow Freestyle

Masta Ace & Marco Polo ft. Smif-N-Wessun - Breukelen Brooklyn

O.C. & PF Cuttin - Opium

Vinnie Paz ft. Reef the Lost Cauze - Tongan Death Grip

Sixman & DJ Supa Dave - Meditation

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Star Time

Kool Keith Interview

Kool Keith & Psycho Les - Holy Water

Innocent? & Nutso ft. Minx - The Music

Killy Shoot - Descent

The Bad Seed & Nottz ft. DJ Total Eclipse - Sunday Morning

General BackPain - Regal

G.Huff ft. Smoke Dza - Bills (prod. by Pete Rock)

Blizzy From Juice - Caged Bird

Apathy - Knuckle Sandwich

Tragedy Khadafi - Drape 'Em

The Alchemist ft. Conway & Westside Gunn - 94' Ghost Shit

Ghostface Killah ft. Big Daddy Kane, Cappadonna & Styliztik Jones - Done It Again

Tha God Fahim - U Mortal Emcees

Rome Streetz Interview

Rome Streetz - Tax Free

Rome Streetz ft. Magno Garcia & Flashius Clayton - Feasting

Rome Streetz ft. Mooch & Rigz - Kobra Klutch

Rome Streetz Interview con't.

Vinny Vindetta & Won 87 - Jihadis Dart

FLEEMRKT (Bub Styles & ARXV) - Smoked Out

Shawn Dinero - King Of The North

Final Shoutouts 

9-25-18: Shawn Dinero, Age Of Extinction



Rim (Da Villins) ft. DJ Rachi - Stay Stoned

Nejma Nefertiti & Breakbeat Lou - NejTona

Neak - Legacy

Rugz - 4th Quarter

Dirty Sanchez - Fuck The World

Don O ft. JD Renoir (King Drive) - Gods of Gravitation

Five Steez - True Original

DJ Melodic Sounds ft. Samuel Steadyroc - Spark The Mind

#1 Gunna ft. Innocent? - Stand Your Ground

Semi Six - Eat

The Clergy ft. Kev Bless - Block Sounds The Blues Continued

Roc Marciano ft. Black Thought - Diamond Cutters

Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim - Hut One

Cypress Hill - Locos

Madhattan Mayor - Bearded BARbarian

Shawn Dinero Interview

Shawn Dinero - Revolutionary Suicide

Shawn Dinero - Broken Heart

Shawn Dinero Interview con't.

Torae - Take Notes

Redman - Tear It Up

KVBeats ft. AG (D.I.T.C.) Reks, Percee P & DJ Madhandz - Supreme Confidence

Action Bronson - White Bronco

Chuck Chan & Deuce Hennesy - Inter Stellar

Chester Watson - 40 Acres

O The Great & Ralphiie Reese - Magneto Darts

Mav Montana ft. Hassan Mackey & Jus Dave - I Never Knew A Love

Fortes - Thuggin In Brazil

Conway ft. Elzhi - 212

Seven Da Pantha - Code

Mav Montana - Shooter

Age Of Extinction Interview

Age Of Extinction - Guerrilla Grooves Radio Promo

Fatboi Sharif (Age Of Extinction) - Breakin' Nooze

Age Of Extinction Interview con't.

Dani ft. Jay NiCE - Strictly Knowledge

$auce Heist & DirtyDiggs - Money Power Respect

Jai Black - Heroin 10

Final Shoutouts

9-18-18: Rasheed Chappell, Sixman



Roc Marciano - Congo (Prod. Roc Marciano)

DJ Scribe & Napoleon Da Legend - Mass Appeal


Ghost of the Machine & DJ Proof ft. Epinero - Dollas

Ox Don - Tired Fedup

Taiyamo Denku ft. Saukrates - Mr. Sunshine

LA The Darkman ft. Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg & E-40 - Saigon Velour

ANoyd - DelCobra

Kool Taj The Gr8 - The Business

Smif N Wessun & 9th Wonder - Let It Go

Ruste Juxx & Raticus - Guerilla Groovin'

Odali ft. YL & Starker - Tres Ojos

The Bad Seed & Nottz - The Devils in the White House

Rasheed Chappell Interview

Rasheed Chappell ft. Daniel Son & Crimeapple - Aiding & Abetting

Rasheed Chappell - Shorty Rock

Rasheed Chappell Interview con't.

Rasheed Chappell - My Epic (Portraits)

Tragedy Khadafi ft. Havoc & Divine - Stacked Aces

Shawn Dinero - Revolutionary Suicide

WateRR & DirtyDiggs ft. Ty Farris & Recognize Ali - Trilateral Commission

Hus Kingpin ft. Jak Progresso - Silk Road Killer

Von Pea & The Other Guys - Smoke Something

Skelz ft. Flee Lord - Collect Call

Ren Thomas - In The End (prod. by Solo For Dolo)

Certain.Ones - Weird View Mirror

St. Ivan the Terrible ft. Big Meridox & Juxx Diamondz - Not What You Thought

Donnie Raven - Vibin (prod. by Nottz)

Sixman Interview

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz ft. Royce Da 5'9 - Timberlan'd Up

Cousin Feo ft. Eto & SmooVth - Marius Tresor

Conway ft. Busta Rhymes - Land O' Lakes

Stock Marley - Rooftop in West Hollywood

Rick Hyde - The MotherLoad

Final Shoutouts

9-11-18: Nine, Advice/Ace Clarke/Tony Cren/Henry Martin



Rich Quick ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Rakaa Iriscience - Travelin Man

St. Ivan the Terrible ft. Innocent? - World Wide

DJ Kay Slay ft. Joell Ortiz, Jon Connor, Locksmith, Mysonne, Nino Man, Vado & Fred The Godson - Back to the Bars

St. Basil ft. Daytona - Never Give In

Quarter Inch Kings ft. Caution - Time to Cry

Certain.Ones - 2525

Tone Liv - Freestyle

Canibus ft. Cambatta - Canibus Cambatta

Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller - 21 & Over

DJ Enyoutee ft. King Magnetic & SmooVth - Broadcasting Live

Da Buze Bruvaz - Torture Chambah

Edweird Noise - Sacred Elephant

Aye Wun - Swiss Cheese U

Nine Interview

Nine ft. Conway - Belafonte

Nine ft. Kool G Rap & Smoothe Da Hustler - Breathe

Nine - Tremendous

Nine Interview con't.

Nine - I Am

Rasheed Chappell - Shorty Rock

Ruste Juxx - Guerilla Groovin'

Mic Handz & Rockness Monsta - Run It

Oh Jay & Ruste Juxx - Stone Solid

Ghostface KIllah ft. Benny The Butcher & KXNG Crook - Buckingham Palace

DJ Enyoutee ft. Born Unique & Milano Constantine - Destruct

Von Pea & The Other Guys - Pardon Me

St. Basil - Otto's Demise

Enox - Kill 4 Sport

Sazetrax - Latency

Advice/Ace Clarke/Tony Cren/Henry Martin Interview

The Regulars (Otayo Dubb & Tahaj The Gift ft. J-Ro & Rasco - Level Up

SmooVth & Giallo Point ft. Eto - Aim

V Don ft. Avenue, Eto & Willie the Kid - All Business

General Back Pain, Deuce Hennessy & Killy Shoot

Final Shoutouts

9-4-18: Mic Handz, Whiteowl



Mercy ft. Bishop - Bermuda Triangle

Joey Stank ft. Solo For Dolo - Garcia Vegas

Lobe & J.H. ft. Na$ty - Vacate

Josiah The Gift - Bring The Horns In

Jason Famous Beats ft. Folex & Jahbaz - Never Put It Down

Rasheed Chappell - 101

uMaNg ft. Beneficence - The Masterplan

Downtown Dawson ft. Benny - 10 $ Nicks

Jurah Jahveh & M Slago ft. Nowaah The Flood & DanjahOne - Knowledge Born

DJ Skizz ft. CRIMEAPPLE - Pasteles

Downtown Dawson - G.R.O. (Get Right Over)

Jay Lonzo - Dream World (prod. by Marco Polo)

Sixman ft. PaceWon - Great Escape

Ace Clark ft. Elzhi - Maxine

Ren Thomas - Lil Raps (prod. by Diabolic)

Mav ft. Hassan Mackey & Jus Dave - I Never Knew A Love

Whiteowl Interview

Whiteowl & DJ Bombeardo - Digital Shadow

Whiteowl ft. Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship) - Catch 22

Whiteowl Interview con't.

Sophisticated Savages - Bombing Devils

Asun Eastwood - Verified Account

ManwithXface ft. ThugYeezy, Cam Bank$ & SeKwence - Dream Eater

Curren$y - A Sign of Things to Come

Stock Marley - Surface

Recognize Ali & Big Ghost Ltd ft. Lukey Cage & DJ Grouch - The Jungle

Killy Shoot - '90 Something

Estee Nack, Haze & Paranom - Lunch (Big Bowl Of Rice)

Innocent? - One Shot

V Don ft. RetcH - Back & Forth

Mic Handz Interview

Mic Handz ft. Grand Daddy & Craig G - Respect

Mic Handz - Like Me

Mic Handz Interview con't.

Mic Handz - Take A Look

Marq Divine - The Crossover

Pounds & Fith ft. Enox - G.O.D.

Jimmie D ft. Pay$o - Dollarama

CRASHprez & Defcee - Full Price

SCVTTERBRVIN - Supreme Mathematics And Bad Habits

Final Shoutouts






























8-21-18: John Robinson, Mike Titan, Akbar



Illa Ghee ft. Rim - Dope Pushers

Tragedy Khadafi & BP ft. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood & Smoovth - Renoir Repertoire

LEX - Murderous Rhymin

Gee & RIDL ft. HMZA - Moonlight

Skanks ft. Bobby Stone - The DJ's

Certain.Ones - Bully Pulpit

WateRR - How High

Termanology - Are You Sure? (prod. by Eric Sermon)

Ren Thomas, Supreme Cerebral & Zagnif Nori - High Potent

HASEEBthefew - Focus

Gillateen & Sultan Mir - The Love Of My Life

Eloh Kush ft Left Gunz & Jahbaton - Dart Season

Mike Titan Interview

Mike Titan - Eagle's  Claw

Mike Titan - Revenge Story

Mike Titan Interview con't.

Illingsworth ft. Denmark Vessey - DnD

Deuce Hennessy - Exposed

Prince Powerrule ft. Thirstin Howl III - Puerto Rock Steady

Big Flip Papi ft. Kool G Rap - Pour My Heart Out

Killy Shoot - OG Connect

Illa Ghee ft. Skyzoo - Dust Juice

DrxQuinnx & Lil Kydd - Hunnid Grand

Deuce Hennessy - Exposed

Ca$ablanca & The Kurse - '84 Testarossa

Asun Eastwood ft. Estee Nack - Wing Stop

John Robinson Interview

John Robinson - Strive

John Robinson - Jazz Is

John Robinson Interview con't.

Ty Farris - Where's the Growth

SageInfinite x Ol Man 80zz - Bad Dreams

Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Guidelines

Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Guidelines

El Camino ft. Benny - Communion

Akbar Interview