9-25-18: Shawn Dinero, Age Of Extinction



Rim (Da Villins) ft. DJ Rachi - Stay Stoned

Nejma Nefertiti & Breakbeat Lou - NejTona

Neak - Legacy

Rugz - 4th Quarter

Dirty Sanchez - Fuck The World

Don O ft. JD Renoir (King Drive) - Gods of Gravitation

Five Steez - True Original

DJ Melodic Sounds ft. Samuel Steadyroc - Spark The Mind

#1 Gunna ft. Innocent? - Stand Your Ground

Semi Six - Eat

The Clergy ft. Kev Bless - Block Sounds The Blues Continued

Roc Marciano ft. Black Thought - Diamond Cutters

Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim - Hut One

Cypress Hill - Locos

Madhattan Mayor - Bearded BARbarian

Shawn Dinero Interview

Shawn Dinero - Revolutionary Suicide

Shawn Dinero - Broken Heart

Shawn Dinero Interview con't.

Torae - Take Notes

Redman - Tear It Up

KVBeats ft. AG (D.I.T.C.) Reks, Percee P & DJ Madhandz - Supreme Confidence

Action Bronson - White Bronco

Chuck Chan & Deuce Hennesy - Inter Stellar

Chester Watson - 40 Acres

O The Great & Ralphiie Reese - Magneto Darts

Mav Montana ft. Hassan Mackey & Jus Dave - I Never Knew A Love

Fortes - Thuggin In Brazil

Conway ft. Elzhi - 212

Seven Da Pantha - Code

Mav Montana - Shooter

Age Of Extinction Interview

Age Of Extinction - Guerrilla Grooves Radio Promo

Fatboi Sharif (Age Of Extinction) - Breakin' Nooze

Age Of Extinction Interview con't.

Dani ft. Jay NiCE - Strictly Knowledge

$auce Heist & DirtyDiggs - Money Power Respect

Jai Black - Heroin 10

Final Shoutouts

9-18-18: Rasheed Chappell, Sixman



Roc Marciano - Congo (Prod. Roc Marciano)

DJ Scribe & Napoleon Da Legend - Mass Appeal


Ghost of the Machine & DJ Proof ft. Epinero - Dollas

Ox Don - Tired Fedup

Taiyamo Denku ft. Saukrates - Mr. Sunshine

LA The Darkman ft. Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg & E-40 - Saigon Velour

ANoyd - DelCobra

Kool Taj The Gr8 - The Business

Smif N Wessun & 9th Wonder - Let It Go

Ruste Juxx & Raticus - Guerilla Groovin'

Odali ft. YL & Starker - Tres Ojos

The Bad Seed & Nottz - The Devils in the White House

Rasheed Chappell Interview

Rasheed Chappell ft. Daniel Son & Crimeapple - Aiding & Abetting

Rasheed Chappell - Shorty Rock

Rasheed Chappell Interview con't.

Rasheed Chappell - My Epic (Portraits)

Tragedy Khadafi ft. Havoc & Divine - Stacked Aces

Shawn Dinero - Revolutionary Suicide

WateRR & DirtyDiggs ft. Ty Farris & Recognize Ali - Trilateral Commission

Hus Kingpin ft. Jak Progresso - Silk Road Killer

Von Pea & The Other Guys - Smoke Something

Skelz ft. Flee Lord - Collect Call

Ren Thomas - In The End (prod. by Solo For Dolo)

Certain.Ones - Weird View Mirror

St. Ivan the Terrible ft. Big Meridox & Juxx Diamondz - Not What You Thought

Donnie Raven - Vibin (prod. by Nottz)

Sixman Interview

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz ft. Royce Da 5'9 - Timberlan'd Up

Cousin Feo ft. Eto & SmooVth - Marius Tresor

Conway ft. Busta Rhymes - Land O' Lakes

Stock Marley - Rooftop in West Hollywood

Rick Hyde - The MotherLoad

Final Shoutouts

9-11-18: Nine, Advice/Ace Clarke/Tony Cren/Henry Martin



Rich Quick ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Rakaa Iriscience - Travelin Man

St. Ivan the Terrible ft. Innocent? - World Wide

DJ Kay Slay ft. Joell Ortiz, Jon Connor, Locksmith, Mysonne, Nino Man, Vado & Fred The Godson - Back to the Bars

St. Basil ft. Daytona - Never Give In

Quarter Inch Kings ft. Caution - Time to Cry

Certain.Ones - 2525

Tone Liv - Freestyle

Canibus ft. Cambatta - Canibus Cambatta

Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller - 21 & Over

DJ Enyoutee ft. King Magnetic & SmooVth - Broadcasting Live

Da Buze Bruvaz - Torture Chambah

Edweird Noise - Sacred Elephant

Aye Wun - Swiss Cheese U

Nine Interview

Nine ft. Conway - Belafonte

Nine ft. Kool G Rap & Smoothe Da Hustler - Breathe

Nine - Tremendous

Nine Interview con't.

Nine - I Am

Rasheed Chappell - Shorty Rock

Ruste Juxx - Guerilla Groovin'

Mic Handz & Rockness Monsta - Run It

Oh Jay & Ruste Juxx - Stone Solid

Ghostface KIllah ft. Benny The Butcher & KXNG Crook - Buckingham Palace

DJ Enyoutee ft. Born Unique & Milano Constantine - Destruct

Von Pea & The Other Guys - Pardon Me

St. Basil - Otto's Demise

Enox - Kill 4 Sport

Sazetrax - Latency

Advice/Ace Clarke/Tony Cren/Henry Martin Interview

The Regulars (Otayo Dubb & Tahaj The Gift ft. J-Ro & Rasco - Level Up

SmooVth & Giallo Point ft. Eto - Aim

V Don ft. Avenue, Eto & Willie the Kid - All Business

General Back Pain, Deuce Hennessy & Killy Shoot

Final Shoutouts

9-4-18: Mic Handz, Whiteowl



Mercy ft. Bishop - Bermuda Triangle

Joey Stank ft. Solo For Dolo - Garcia Vegas

Lobe & J.H. ft. Na$ty - Vacate

Josiah The Gift - Bring The Horns In

Jason Famous Beats ft. Folex & Jahbaz - Never Put It Down

Rasheed Chappell - 101

uMaNg ft. Beneficence - The Masterplan

Downtown Dawson ft. Benny - 10 $ Nicks

Jurah Jahveh & M Slago ft. Nowaah The Flood & DanjahOne - Knowledge Born

DJ Skizz ft. CRIMEAPPLE - Pasteles

Downtown Dawson - G.R.O. (Get Right Over)

Jay Lonzo - Dream World (prod. by Marco Polo)

Sixman ft. PaceWon - Great Escape

Ace Clark ft. Elzhi - Maxine

Ren Thomas - Lil Raps (prod. by Diabolic)

Mav ft. Hassan Mackey & Jus Dave - I Never Knew A Love

Whiteowl Interview

Whiteowl & DJ Bombeardo - Digital Shadow

Whiteowl ft. Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship) - Catch 22

Whiteowl Interview con't.

Sophisticated Savages - Bombing Devils

Asun Eastwood - Verified Account

ManwithXface ft. ThugYeezy, Cam Bank$ & SeKwence - Dream Eater

Curren$y - A Sign of Things to Come

Stock Marley - Surface

Recognize Ali & Big Ghost Ltd ft. Lukey Cage & DJ Grouch - The Jungle

Killy Shoot - '90 Something

Estee Nack, Haze & Paranom - Lunch (Big Bowl Of Rice)

Innocent? - One Shot

V Don ft. RetcH - Back & Forth

Mic Handz Interview

Mic Handz ft. Grand Daddy & Craig G - Respect

Mic Handz - Like Me

Mic Handz Interview con't.

Mic Handz - Take A Look

Marq Divine - The Crossover

Pounds & Fith ft. Enox - G.O.D.

Jimmie D ft. Pay$o - Dollarama

CRASHprez & Defcee - Full Price

SCVTTERBRVIN - Supreme Mathematics And Bad Habits

Final Shoutouts






























8-21-18: John Robinson, Mike Titan, Akbar



Illa Ghee ft. Rim - Dope Pushers

Tragedy Khadafi & BP ft. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood & Smoovth - Renoir Repertoire

LEX - Murderous Rhymin

Gee & RIDL ft. HMZA - Moonlight

Skanks ft. Bobby Stone - The DJ's

Certain.Ones - Bully Pulpit

WateRR - How High

Termanology - Are You Sure? (prod. by Eric Sermon)

Ren Thomas, Supreme Cerebral & Zagnif Nori - High Potent

HASEEBthefew - Focus

Gillateen & Sultan Mir - The Love Of My Life

Eloh Kush ft Left Gunz & Jahbaton - Dart Season

Mike Titan Interview

Mike Titan - Eagle's  Claw

Mike Titan - Revenge Story

Mike Titan Interview con't.

Illingsworth ft. Denmark Vessey - DnD

Deuce Hennessy - Exposed

Prince Powerrule ft. Thirstin Howl III - Puerto Rock Steady

Big Flip Papi ft. Kool G Rap - Pour My Heart Out

Killy Shoot - OG Connect

Illa Ghee ft. Skyzoo - Dust Juice

DrxQuinnx & Lil Kydd - Hunnid Grand

Deuce Hennessy - Exposed

Ca$ablanca & The Kurse - '84 Testarossa

Asun Eastwood ft. Estee Nack - Wing Stop

John Robinson Interview

John Robinson - Strive

John Robinson - Jazz Is

John Robinson Interview con't.

Ty Farris - Where's the Growth

SageInfinite x Ol Man 80zz - Bad Dreams

Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Guidelines

Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Guidelines

El Camino ft. Benny - Communion

Akbar Interview





























8-14-18: Jason Famous, Bobbito Ross, Starvin B, Sneaker Sandy



Cayoz The Emcee ft. DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Modesty & DJ JabbaThaKut - Salute The DJ 

Millyz & Statik Selektah ft. Jadakiss - Let It Go

Black Sheep ft. Red Alert, Chi Ali & Sadat X - Peace Phife

Na$ty ft. REZ4REAL - Envy

Tragedy Khadafi & BP ft. Apathy & DJ Stitches - Mastermind

Neek The Exotic ft. Bumpy Knuckles - O.G. Season

Certain.Ones - Ominous Ankhs

Charlie Cruz - High Lows

Jay Royale ft. ILL Conscious & DJ Grazzhoppa - Armeteo

Sadat X, Nature, E. Smitty & Rebel Radomes - WolfPack

Sleep Sinatra - Survivalist Theme

Rock, Illah Ghee, Planet Asia & Erik Jackson - Pop Off

Raz Fresco ft. Bishop Nehru - Time Moves Slowly

Royalz ft. Kings Konekted - Live '95

Jason Famous interview

Black Sheep - My Right Brain

Nat King Coldpack & Black Tokyo - Right Back

Icon Curties ft. Planet Asia, Lyric Jones & Tristate - Uncontrolled Chaos

Bub Styles - Give It To Me Raw

Taiyamo Denku ft. Benny - Still Waiting For Change

Vic Spencer ft. Verbal Kent - Verbally Cooked

Cam Bank$ ft. Adonis - STUTTR

Wu-Tang Clan ft. Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch & Tek - Pearl Harbor (Remix)

Von Pea & The Other Guys ft. Donwill - The Twist

Lando Chill ft. Quelle Chris & REY - Peso

DJ Muggs ft. Eto - Duck Sauce

Erick Dayz - Fly Summer

Daniel Son & Finn ft. Rome Streetz - Foreign Chauffer

Haze - Apartment 5 (Domingos Story)

Bobbito Ross Interview

Fast Life - Garlic Cookies

V Don ft. Westside Gunn - London Fog

Evill Dewer ft. Magno García, Haze & Estee Nack - Corner Chronicles

RoQy TyRaiD - Plynwch

Mick Jenkins - Bruce Banner

Termanology - Take 'Em Back

Saipher Soze & Finn - Bure Badman

Sneaker Sandy Interview

L'Orange & Kool Kieth ft. Mr. Lif - Twenty Fifty Three

Tha Addicts - Embedded

Swigga The Great - Anointed

El Da Sensei ft. Rah Digga & Tame One - 

Everyday In The Hood (!llmind Remix) - Everyday In The Hood (!llmind Remix)

Starvin B Interview











7-31-18: V Bravo (Stress Magazine), Skanks the Rap Martyr (Bankai Fam), Stress (Certain.Ones)



Dom Pachino & Bronze Nazareth ft. Bugsy Da God - Dom Pachino & Bronze Nazareth ft. Bugsy Da God

Rebel Diaz - FVCK I.C.E

William Young - The Purge

Frank Knight - New York Summer

Lil Fame, Rock & Joshua Gunn - Gutta Rap

Tone Spliff ft. Realio Sparkzwell - Sun Dial

Reks & Short Fyuz - Til He Drop

Kingdom Kome ft. Conway the Machine & Bobo David - Kingdom Kome

Starving B, Foul Monday & Flushing Tek - Hector Salamanca (prod.by Stu Bangas)

Ren Thomas - Lonely

Homage CVG (ft. Rob Cave) - La Hacienda

N.O.R.E. ft. Wyclef, Jadakiss, Phokus - LaLa

Reign Supreme - Shattered

M.W.P. ft. Reks, Craig G, SageInfinite & DJ Grazzhoppa - Mad + Nice + Ltd. 

 V Bravo (Stress Magazine) Interview

Chuck Chan - Preech

Rim ft. Vic Spencer & Scott G - Headzzz In Da Freeza

Page Kennedy ft. Elzhi, ANoyd & Nick Grant - One In A Million

Termanology ft. Conway - Termanator & The Machine

Raz Fresco & Statik Selektah - Choose Sides (U-N-I) (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Neek The Exotic ft. Stoxx - Hell up in Queens

John Jigg$ & Cuns ft. CRIMEAPPLE - Teflon Manteca

Caper ft. Paranormal, Kartune & Aurieloheem - Fatal Emcees

Solo for Dolo - Maui Pineapple

Stress (Certain.Ones) Interview

Mean Joe Scheme & Optiks - Hands Down

Ca$ablanca ft. Killa Kali & Nowaah The Flood - Chopsticks X BullshXt

Illingsworth ft. Open Mike Eagle - Peeves

Rome StreetZ - Felony Phonics

Jamal Gasol - Beyond

Innocent? - Black Label

Alyssa Hughes - Genie

Constant Deviants - Hush

Skanks the Rap Martyr Interview

Valentine ft. Skanks the Rap Martyr - Can't Step 2 Dis

Skanks the Rap Martyr Interview con't.






8-7-18: Neek The Exotic, A. Fontaine (Crazemen) & One Sun



Suezar - Rhyme With The Finest

Aye Wun & Joccusto - Remy Marvelous

Kwaj ft. Calamity, AYOTEMI & Chin - My Street

BS ft. Gift Of Gab & Jesse Abraham - Look

Blaq Poet - Declare War 2018

Tragedy Khadafi & BP ft. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood & Smoovth - Renoir Repertoire

Mr. Ripley ft. RockDizmall, Speechlyse & Silent Mind - Brutal Beat Down

Kingdom Kome ft. Meyhem Lauren, Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Antonia Jenaé - Can't Sit With Us (prod. by Psycho Les)

Juxx Diamondz - My Entrance

Punch Feat. Asia Divine - K.I.N.G.

Singapore Kane - Live Raggamuffin

Cypress Hill - Band of Gypsies

Reece Geller - Rhodes

Neek The Exotic Interview

Neek The Exotic  ft. Bumpy Knuckles - O.G. Season

Neek The Exotic ft. Fredro Starr - Still Fakin The Funk

Neek The Exotic Interview con't.

Neek The Exotic ft. Stoxx. Large Professor & Merc The Big Body Benz - Queens Venom

But One ft. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Everything's On Course

Napoleon Da Legend & Giallo Point ft. Micall Parknsun - Societal Pressure

Mick Jenkins - Bruce Banner

Agallah Faro ft. E the Great - Max a Mil

Maverick Montana & Finn ft. Rigz - Give & Take

Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG - F.M.K.

Ghost  of the Machine ft. REKS & Death Over Simplicity - Movin Slow

Pounds ft. Dwayne Collins - Traffic

Knowledge The Pirate - Wrinkled Feathers

Ty Farris - Tyrant Talk

PR Dean ft. Marz Money, Rome Streetz & Estee Nack - Brooklyn Love

A. Fontaine (Crazemen) & One Sun Interview

A. Fontaine (Crazemen) & One Sun Interview con't.

Caper ft. Paranormal, Kartune & Aurieloheem - Fatal Emcees

V. Nova - Choosen Ones

Eto & Flu - Sonny

Jay Nice ft. Tha God Fahim - 

Shaolin Gunfire



















7-24-18: M-Dot, King Magnetic



 Madchild ft. Loki, Vinnie Paz & Thirstin Howl The 3rd - Keep It Movin

Nahte & General Spade - Slow Down

Uncle John - Wow

Allagrande & Nolan the Ninja - Hoop Dreams

Q-Unique ft. Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse - Cult Leader & Capital

 Napoleon Da Legend & Eyedee ft. Skanks The Rap Martyr & DJ TMB - Barbwire

Recognize Ali & Vinnie Paz - Holy War

DJ Premier ft. Casanova - WUT U SAID

Vincent Van Great & Dana Coppafeel ft. Yo-Dot - Matlock

Ralphiie Reese & Hus Kingpin - Iceless Hennessy

Jos Rockwell & Bigges - 14K

Gee & CTZN - The Last Days

 Ren Thomas - Hypocrite

V.Nova ft. Ref 1 - Presha

Saipher Soze & Finn - Bure Badman

M-Dot Interview

Ras Kass ft. M-Dot & Revalation - Rap Daze

M-Dot Interview con't.

M-Dot - Parisian Nights

Realio Sparkzwell ft. Bliss - Smoking Lamas

The Perceptionists (Akrobatik & Mr. Lif) - Bait

 Shorts - Now

Cappadonna - Young Hustler

 V.Nova - Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Curren$y - Deadstock (prod. by Harry Fraud)

 Yuck & Jimmy Con - Classic Shit

Buddy Leezle - Kahlo Meets Picasso

Termanology ft. Raekwon - Passport Kingz

KespeR - Oragami Napkin (prod, by Daringer)

Innocent? - Black Label

Rome StreetZ - Felony Phonics

King Magnetic Interview

 King Magnetic & DOCWILLROB ft. Cassidy - Don't Look

 King Magnetic & DOCWILLROB - Targets

V.Nova - God of an MC

Final Shoutouts



7-17-18: Dialect, ALBe Back



Nalm Myerz - Dancin In The Rain

Nat King Coldpack - County Blues

 Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) - Honest Living

Alpha Memphis - Wiretap

Squeegie O - The Purge

Tragedy Khadafi & BP - Upper Echelon

Supreme Cerebral ft. O The Great, XP The Marxman & Alphabetic - Clubber Lang (prod. by Giallo Point)

Jurah Jahveh & M Slago ft. Dow Jonez & Rakim Al-Jabbar - Prophet Bars

Redman - Ya!

Ras Beats ft. Vic Spencer - Compensated Confidence

Chris Rivers - Be You

Nu Jericans ft. Nalm Myerz & Twilight - 4 Lokos

Dialect Interview

Innocent? - Blind Date

 Pounds & Fith ft. Mayhem Lauren - Problem

St. Ivan the Terrible - From The Dirt & The Muscle

Bozack Morris ft. Black Milk - The Darkness

 Ren Thomas - Victor

 Constant Deviants - Hush

Falconcrest & Ray Vendetta - Topsy Turvy

Napoleon Da Legend - Beige Whales (prod. by Giallo Point)

 Lord Digga - Yakuu

Conspiracy - You See Me...Look At Me

Jamal Gasol - Beyond

Chuck N Lock - State Of Affairs

ALBe Back Interview

Percee P & Chuck Chilla - Freestyle

Final Shoutouts

7-10-18: Devine RBG, Tiye Phoenix



The Hoodies - Take It (prod. by Statik Selektah)

B3 & E. Smitty - Classic

Ruste Juxx & Jake Palumbo - Automatic

Vanderslice ft. Percee P & DJ Eclipse - The Best Freestyle Money Can Buy

Iron Sheikh ft. Deon Young & Mickey Factz - NYC Gritty

Omen 44 ft. Sav Killz - Samurai Code

 Funky DL - No Illusion

 Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh ft. Meyhem Lauren & Freddie Gibbs - Flow Gods

Crumbzilla ft. KXNG Crooked & Blender - When I Wrote

LEX - The Human Being I Am

ILL Conscious & MWP ft. Recognize Ali - Drop A Jewel

 Nowahh the Flood - Forces

Tha Soloist - Inner Light

Fatboi Sharif - Ape Twin

Divine RBG Interview

 Iron Sheikh ft. Planet Asia - Salsalito Turkey

Ruste Juxx & Jake Palumbo - Petro Piff

Q-Unique - Look Up In The Sky

Vanderslice ft. Slug & Evidence - North American Money

 V. Nova ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq - New York City

Starlito & MobSquad Nard ft. KDogg - Stuck in One Place

 Jamall Bufford - Billions

 Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood & Futurewave - Underbelly

 RetcH ft. Dave East - Paranoia

Tiye Phoenix Interview

Alyssa Hughes - Genie

 RickHyde - Margiela Rugby

Chuck N Lock - State Of Affairs

Final Shoutouts

7-3-18: Oowop the Don, Worldarama



Innocent ft. Killa - '87

 Kool Taj The GR8 - Handle Bars

Dj Skizz ft. Jakk Frost, Lil Fame Of M.O.P., Vinnie Paz, & Ifresh - High-Powered

 SICWITDAPEN - The Magnificent

Block Mccloud & Arichussettes - Games

 Uncle John ft. Rome Streetz - Whenever

 Shaky Fingers - Mr. Nobody (Kaotic Rawkus)

Maylay Sparks - Mr. Magoo

C Keys & Kazi ft. Guilty Simpson & DJ Grazzhoppa - W.Y.M.

38 Spesh, N.O.R.E, Vado & Benny - Binoculars

St. Ivan the Terrible - Dreams

Roc Marciano ft. Lost Occupant & Rekon - Bo$$ Material (Don't Play Me Close)

Em - Lo - Drifter

Oowop The Don Interview

 Phybaoptikz - KALLIS (Prod. Giallo Point )

Nowahh the flood - Light

DJ Davito ft. Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Master Fuol, Skanks the Rap Martyr & Illa Ghee - Brooklyns The Boro 2018

 Dj Skizz Ft. Milano Constantine & Nem$ - Wild Cats

 Mpulse - REO

 Free Mind ft. Banish Habitual & O the Great

 B.A. Badd - Real Time aka Corcraft

RetcH - Throwin Up Sets

Eto ft. Crimeapple & Smoovth - Gustavo

General Spade - Salute The General

Worldarama Interview

Ca$ablanca - Savage!

 Shaky Fingers - Hello There

A.G. ft. Diamond D & A Bless - The Bronx

Final Shoutouts




6-26-18: Solo For Dolo, C Rayz Walz



LEX- Pegao

Bobby Genesis ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Immaculate

Big Dese - Mr. Bars

 JK ft. Reks, Silly Grinn & Dj Deadeye - We Outta Here

Redman - I Love Hip Hop

Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) - The Basement Official Video

Kyo Itachi ft. Craig G & Nolan The Ninja - Make Your Moves

 Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Sean Price - Legacy of the Prophet

Def Soulja - B.O.M.B.S.

Canibus ft. Thanos Beats & Thirstin Howl The Third - Even The Odds

 Peedi Crack - Intermission

MarQ Spekt ft. Roc Marciano & Him Lo - BullsEYE

 Dox Boogie ft. Sadat X, Smoothe Da Hustla & DV Alias Khryst - Hang 'Em High (Wild Cowboys 2)

 Jamal Gasol ft. Sauce Heist & Ty Da Dale - The Originals

Buck-N-Nice ft. Reks - Time

Vee Skeeno ft. Tahshem Paris, Andre Jakai & King Chai - Sentient

Solo For Dolo Interview

Solo For Dolo - No Lies

Solo For Dolo - Powder Toast Man

Solo For Dolo Interview con't.

Solo For Dolo ft. Grungy Boguz - Get Up!

 A.G. - Everything Is Backward (prod. by The Alchemist)

Illa Ghee ft. Method Man - Mega Godzilla

Codenine & Paranom - Titanic Glaciers

 Jedi Mind Tricks - Death Toll Rising

Ruste Juxx & Jake Palumbo - We Getting That

Kyo Itachi ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Get It Back

DJ Muggs & MF DOOM ft. Freddie Gibbs - Death Wish

Westside Gunn ft. Busta Rhymes & Benny - Brossface Brippler

C Rayz Wallz Interview

 Trife Diesel - Multimedia

 Ren Thomas Skrewtape & Slaughter Rico - Clearly Faded

Agallah - Living For Greed

V Don & Adonis ft. Tedy Andreas - Street Lites

Final Shoutouts







6-12-18: Milano Constantine, Realio Sparkwell, Bobby Craves & Whiteowl (Certain.Ones)



 Napoleon Da Legend - Chicken & Waffles

 Senica Da Misfit - Sound of the Police

Fortified Mind - The Stoned Ape Theory

 Solomon Childs - Solomon On Fire

B Leafs ft. Masta Ace & Termanology - Been Waiting

 Eloh Kush ft. Lak Mas - BarberShop Talk

Dis MissedFit - Universal Truths

SEBNYCE ft. Edo G & V Knuckles - Flow Sicker

 Daylyt & The Ichiban Don ft. Punch - B.P.B

Bobby Craves & Whiteowl (Certain.Ones) Interview

Nowaah The Flood  & The Architect ft. Supreme Cerebral - The Get Back

Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs - Frozen Angels

Gawdlee - The Same

 Eclyse & Codenine - Shadows Of Chernobyl

Suave The God, Sullynomad & Giallo Point - No Fear

Milano Constantine Interview

9th Prince - War On Everyone

Sibbs Roc ft. Saipher Soze, Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood, Black Nazi, Rob Gates & Maverick - Pallbearers

Tha God Fahim ft. Smoke - Tec 9 Or The Uzi

Realio Sparkwell Interview


6-5-18: Ras Beats, Lord Roc/DJ JS-1/J-Holly/Primma Banks (Sky God)



 Swollen Members - Homicide

 Oowop The Don feat.  Royal  Flush & Large Professor - Day Wonin

Purpose & B.B.Z Darney ft. Saigon - Limitless Styles

 Singapore Kame - Karma (It's Your Turn)

Katiah - ToughStuff Builds Character

Tha God Fahim & Nicholas Craven - I Dread

Kool Taj The GR8 - Cold Steel

Milano Constantine - Guaranteed

Starvin B & Stu Bangas - Fentanyl

Falconcrest ft. Sleep Sinatra & Skitso - Live At The Sands

 Lord Roc/DJ JS-1/J-Holly/Primma Banks (Sky God)

DJ JS-1, J-Holly & Primma Banks - Stand Tall

 L.I.F.E. Long ft. BMS & Bey Battery - Power In The Palace

 Jedi Mind Tricks - You Have One Devil But Five Angels

Benny ft. Skyzoo - The Hunter 2

IconCurties ft. Daniel Son - German Beer

CZARFACE & MF DOOM - Meddle with Metal (7L's Nytyme Mix)

 Black Thought & 9th Wonder ft. Rapsody - Dostoyevsky

Thorough - Slow Flows

 IconCurties ft. SmooVth & Ankhlejohn - Milky Way

Gotti Gator - Nightmares in Killa Queens Pt. 2

Jamal Gasol & Sauce Heist - Back On The Map (Produced By DirtyDiggs)

Ty Farris & WateRR - Scottie Pimpin (prod by DirtyDiggs)

Ras Beats Interview

 Ras Beats ft. John Jigg$ - Bridge The Gap

Illah Dutch & Mr. Ripley - Rulerz Regime

Final Shoutouts

5-29-18: VVS Verbal, Grand Agent (Tribeca Grand)



Breez Evahflowin ft. Cryptic One - Break The Wheel

ManKind - Trigger Warning

 Dray Yard ft. Milano Constantine, A.L., Ruste Juxx & Skeezo) - M.A.R.S. Bars

DisMissedFit - Bad Money

 Rogue Venom & Phil Chronics - Protect The Block

Planet Asia ft. Killer Ben & Bad Lucc - BYOG

Ca$ablanca - Careless Flaws

 DZL - Outlaw

Milano Constantine - Attache Case

 Sully Nomad - Rothstein (Big Reefs)

G.Fisher & D Dave - Ventilation

Bumpy Knuckles &  Nottz ft. Biz Markie - Check It Out Y'all

Stroka G & Grandmilly - Victory Lap

Grand Agent (Tribeca Grand) Interview

Tribeca Grand (Grand Agent & Tribeca) - Let's All Get Funky

Tribeca Grand (Grand Agent & Tribeca) - NY-PHI

Grand Agent (Tribeca Grand) Interview con't.

Tribeca Grand (Grand Agent & Tribeca) - Caught Up

Writer's Guild (L.I.F.E. Long & Loer Velocity) - Intro (Demo Version)

Writer's Guild (L.I.F.E. Long & Loer Velocity) ft. Infinito 2017, Edword Blackington, Masai Bey & Breez Evahflowin - 7th Seal

Menace ft. White Owl & Bliz Balboa - Math

Planet Asia ft. Rosati - Mini Mansions

Wolfhead - Nasty Man

Fredro Starr ft. Conway, Jay Nice & Makem Pay - Invasion of the Body Catchers (prod. by The Alchemist)

 Westside Gunn - Evidence Joint (prod. by Evidence)

Tha God Fahim ft. Left Lane Didon - Megatron

 Supreme Cerebral & Born Unique - Clean Shot

Flashius Clayton - Good Money

Icon Curties ft. Saiper Soze & Asun Eastwood - Said And Done

 DBA ft. Recognize Ali & Born Unique - Million Dollar Slang Shit

VVS Verbal Interview

VVS Verbal - The Rebirth Of The Slickest

VVS Verbal ft. Sadat X and Craig G - Then 2 Now

VVS Verbal Interview con't.

VVS Verbal ft. General Steele - Grind

 The Foreigners (Dre Skuffs & Passport Rav) - Take It

Final Shoutouts

5-22-18: Smooth B, The Nu Jericans, Percee P



Slaine - Source of Power

Kemp ft. Tunnel Movement & Blaq Poet - Return of the Boom Bap (Kemp Remix)

St. Ian the Terrible - And Ya Say

Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord - Sell Me A Dream

Young Lo ft. Recognize Ali - Mastered The Flow

Certain.Ones - Ambidextrous Eyes

Bumpy Knuckles & Nottz ft. Kool G Rap & Lil Fame - Head Count

 Pen Pals - Up To The Sky (prod. by Quelle Chris)

 Grand Surgeon ft. G.S. Advance - Wanted

 Constant Deviants - Candle

Percee P Interview

ChronILLogical (Stress & DJ Gonz) - When Will It End

Planet Asia ft. Hus Kingpin & SmooVth - Mansa Musa Medallions

Blame One - Frontin Foes

CRIMEAPPLE & Cuns - Tanto Lusso

Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin - Quarters

St. Ivan the Terrible - Nostalgia (Freestyle)

The Nu Jericans Interview

The Nu Jericans - Lost in the Sauce (Prod by DJ Amore)

The Nu Jericans ft. Thirstin Howl The Third - Steel Sharpens Steel

The Nu Jericans Interview con't.

Stalley - Open Book

Starvin B ft Flushing Teck  Foul Monday - Leftovers

 Skanks The Rap Martyr (Bankai Fam) - Can't Keep My Eyes Off You

 Dave East ft. Nas - NYCHA

A.G. - Magical World (prod. by Lord Finesse)

Smooth B Interview

Raz Fresco - Aegan Sea

Mach Hommy ft. Your Old Droog - Nothin But Net

Eto - Scratch & Sniff

Tedy Andreas - Ominous

 Aesop Rock - Klutz

Final Shoutouts



5-15-18: A-$harp, Paranormal



 Akbar - Those Who Say (Demo)

Ghost of the Machine & DJ Proof ft. Skyzoo - Esco Said

Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord ft. Prince Po & VegaMonster - On The Daily

Omnivorz (Phil G the Knowbody and Nite Boogie) - Murda Vocab

Astro Vandalist ft. Dro Pesci - Keep It Street

Original Text - Right Or Wrong

Magestik Legend ft. T. Calmese - Shkreli

Certain.Ones - Throwdown

MC Bravado ft. SC Static & Statik Selektah - Tread Lightly

D.O.V., Che Uno, Lee Ricks, YZ1 - Them

Paranormal Interview

Paranormal - Strong

Paranormal - Silhouette

Paranormal Interview con't

The Doppelgangaz - B.C.M.T.F.O.

 Sun Blaze - Milano

 Marcel Allen - Righteous

Bumpy Knuckles & Nottz - Flow Temperament

 Monday Night - Do Ya Thing

Gritty Traxx - Just 2 Be Here

 J-Scienide & Bozack Morris - Capeesh

 Jonwayne - Last Last Fall

The Legion - 1980 Something

 Onaje Jordan & Azariah ft. Euphony Bars - Fluid

Tedy Andreas - Ominous

 Jamal Gasol & John Creasy - '05 Wolverines

A-$harp Interview

 A-$harp ft. Stoneface & William Cooper - Crystal Therapy

Fatboi Sharif, Sydetrak Imperial & Solo For Dolo - On The Rise

A-$harp Interview con't.

 A-$harp ft. Jahsyah & Daniel Joseph - Creative Genius

DuffelBag Hottie ft. El Camino - I Remeber That

Blueprint ft. Has-Lo - Hoop Dreamin

Benny ft. El Camino - Ima Boss

Final Shoutouts

5-8-18: Andre Trenier, Nova



Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) - Lost Arts

Lost Arts - Breakin (prod. Marco Polo)

DJ Concept ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso, Nutso & F.T. - Southpaw Cypher

Chris Orrick (fka Red Pill) - What Happens Next?

MeRCY ft. KoJazz Bishop & See.francis - So iLLustrious

Eclyse - Thoughts Of A Better Tomorrow

Magestik Legend - DetroitMental

WateRR ft. Ty Farris - Won't Deny It

 Jedi Mind Tricks - San La Muerte

Andre Trenier Interview

Recognize Ali ft. Agallah - Peruvian Flakes

Stro & Statik Selektah - Know The Stro

O.Ellis & Nottz - O.Ellis

 Camp Lo - Sips by Moonlight

38 Spesh &  Kool G Rap - Upstate 2 Queens

Trizz - Static

Tha Soloist - Hold Strong

Buddy Leezle ft. Dart Unit, Da Buze Bruvaz & Sam Malone - Uptown vs The World

 Obi Khan ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Taiyamo Denku - Voices In My Head

Cole Hicks - QTNA

Nova Interview

Nova - If I Die

Nova - Your America

Nova Interview con't.

Nova - Sounds Of Blackness

LEX - None Above None Below

 Kyo Itachi & Realio Sparkzwell ft. C-Rayz Walz - Enemy Of The State

Daniel Son & Saipher Soze & Dre Barrs - Molotovs

Tef Poe - Back Home Kanye  (Message to Mr. West)

Final Shoutouts