8-27-19: Southern Vanguard Radio, Bugsy H, Lak



Savage Messiah, Zesto, Masai Bey, E. Coli & L.I.F.E. Long - Steamy

Dre Nitty - Same Way

Guy Grams & Raf Almighty - Consiglieres

Sqreeb ft. Frank Nitt & Madhi - Let The Horns Blow

J-Live - Plot Twist

G.S. Advance - Cynthia Rothrock

Sareem Poems & Newselph - No Fly Zone

Carta P & Parental - I'm Fly

Yamin Semali ft. J-Live & Supastition - Herd Of Ya'll

Mr. Jack & Apokalips The Archangel - Good Morning

Cloaqxdagger ft. Ruste Juxx & G Fam Black - Body Your Favorite Rapper

Terror Van Poo ft. Leanah Cane - Beastie Boys

Zagnif Nori, Darkstar & King Author - Triple Crown

RJ Payne ft. 38 Spesh - The Smoke

Rapsody ft. Terrace Martin & Battlecat - Aaliyah

Klee MaGoR ft. Ruste Juxx, Psycho Les, ILL BiLL & Big Stretch - Rap Titans

Joell Ortiz - Before Hip-Hop

Carta P - MSNBC

Southern Vanguard Radio Interview

Certain.Ones - Placebo

Ca$ablanca ft. Ray Vendetta - Welcome II The Punch

Magno Garcia & Elements - Child Of The Ghetto

King Coldpack & Free Mind ft. Grand Scheme - Life Flashes (Passing Me By)

Big Bob ft. Mic Handz, Milano Constantine, Sadat X, & LDontheCut - Cause For Concern

Big D ft. Royal Flush, Neek Da Exotic, Percee P - NY Hardcore

TriState & DirtyDiggs - The Collection Plate

Vic Spencer ft. D. Brash - Old Polaroids

Marcel Allen - Arson

Big Turks (Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol & Lord Juco) ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Gods

Cocareef ft. The Real Skitso, Krazy The Real One & Lupus Dei - LA Take Down

Lak Interview

Lak -Harriet-The Conductor

Lak, Capone & Jaq Sparrpw ft. Cheri Pye - Redemption

Lak Interview interview con't.

Nyce, Lak & Jaq Sparrow - God's in the Motive

Tha God Fahim & Grimm Doza - Thin Lines

Louie Sincere & Bankshot ft. Magno Garcia - Elite

Ayun Bassa - BuddyIllanoise & DJ M80 - Preacher

Bugsy H Interview

Bugsy H - Swiss Watches Plastic Cups

Bugsy H ft. Estee Nack - 7-11 With The Stick

Final Shoutouts