6-18-19: Planit Hank, Whispers, staHHr, Juxx Diamondz



Scottie Piff - Aerosol Thesis

King Magnetic ft. Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin' Pretty - More Belligerent

V Stylez ft. Elzhi - Jeet Kune Do

Uncle Biz - Dats Whts Up

Taiyamo Denku ft. Ben Buck, Cold Sweat, Manny Phesto & Jantzonia - Breakfast at Denkus

Jamo Gang (Ras Kass, J57 & El Gant) - Francis Scott Key

G.S. Advance ft. Aye Wun, Eff Yoo - Nemesis to the Program

Guilty Simpson & Reckonize Real ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - How It Is

Your Old Droog ft. Wiki - Vigilantes (Remix)

Black Moon - Black Moon Creep Wit Me

AJ Suede & Lord Olo - For Vendetta

Robert Deniro & Miskeen Haleem ft. Iron Lungz & All Hail Y.T. - Stolen Land

John Robinson - All City

O The Great ft. XP The Marks - World Series

Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa - Life

Rock Mecca ft. Smif-N-Wessun - Warlord (Brooklyn Remix)

Planit Hank Interview

Planit Hank ft. Benny The Butcher & MOP - What Happened To The Street

Planit Hank ft. Canibus, Chris Rivers & Kool G Rap - The Omen (Evil Dee Remix)

Planit Hank ft. Jeru The Damaja, Buckshot & AZ - Life In Crooklyn

Ras Kass ft. Fame & Styles P - Guns n Roses

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Sophisticated Savage

Recognize Ali & Free Mind ft. Verbal Kent - Love

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - It's Whatever

Whispers Interview

A.G. ft. Whispers & Cassandra The Goddess - Have It Your Way

Supreme Cerebral - Grimy Type

Jae Hussle ft. Killy Shoot and Indigo Phoenyx - Let Them Know

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Ice Lord - Hiding In Ohio With My Cougar B*tch Who Got That Bag

DNTE ft. Daniel Son, FalconOutlaw & Saipher Soze - Drop Acid

staHHr Interview

staHHr & Crazy DJ Bazarro - Come With The Weak Shit

staHHr - Go Time

staHHr Interview con't.

Tiye Phoenix ft. Queen Herawin & staHHr - Kill Bill 3

Tha God Fahim & Nicholas Craven - Leave Me To My Studies 'Cuz My History Was Tainted

Chuck Chan & Onaje Jordan - Peepholes

Benny the Butcher ft. Pusha T - 18 Wheeler

Juxx Diamondz Interview

Juxx Diamondz & Whip - The Intro

Juxx Diamondz & Whip - F.O.E.

Juxx Diamondz Interview con’t.