9-4-18: Mic Handz, Whiteowl



Mercy ft. Bishop - Bermuda Triangle

Joey Stank ft. Solo For Dolo - Garcia Vegas

Lobe & J.H. ft. Na$ty - Vacate

Josiah The Gift - Bring The Horns In

Jason Famous Beats ft. Folex & Jahbaz - Never Put It Down

Rasheed Chappell - 101

uMaNg ft. Beneficence - The Masterplan

Downtown Dawson ft. Benny - 10 $ Nicks

Jurah Jahveh & M Slago ft. Nowaah The Flood & DanjahOne - Knowledge Born

DJ Skizz ft. CRIMEAPPLE - Pasteles

Downtown Dawson - G.R.O. (Get Right Over)

Jay Lonzo - Dream World (prod. by Marco Polo)

Sixman ft. PaceWon - Great Escape

Ace Clark ft. Elzhi - Maxine

Ren Thomas - Lil Raps (prod. by Diabolic)

Mav ft. Hassan Mackey & Jus Dave - I Never Knew A Love

Whiteowl Interview

Whiteowl & DJ Bombeardo - Digital Shadow

Whiteowl ft. Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship) - Catch 22

Whiteowl Interview con't.

Sophisticated Savages - Bombing Devils

Asun Eastwood - Verified Account

ManwithXface ft. ThugYeezy, Cam Bank$ & SeKwence - Dream Eater

Curren$y - A Sign of Things to Come

Stock Marley - Surface

Recognize Ali & Big Ghost Ltd ft. Lukey Cage & DJ Grouch - The Jungle

Killy Shoot - '90 Something

Estee Nack, Haze & Paranom - Lunch (Big Bowl Of Rice)

Innocent? - One Shot

V Don ft. RetcH - Back & Forth

Mic Handz Interview

Mic Handz ft. Grand Daddy & Craig G - Respect

Mic Handz - Like Me

Mic Handz Interview con't.

Mic Handz - Take A Look

Marq Divine - The Crossover

Pounds & Fith ft. Enox - G.O.D.

Jimmie D ft. Pay$o - Dollarama

CRASHprez & Defcee - Full Price

SCVTTERBRVIN - Supreme Mathematics And Bad Habits

Final Shoutouts