7-17-18: Dialect, ALBe Back



Nalm Myerz - Dancin In The Rain

Nat King Coldpack - County Blues

 Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham) - Honest Living

Alpha Memphis - Wiretap

Squeegie O - The Purge

Tragedy Khadafi & BP - Upper Echelon

Supreme Cerebral ft. O The Great, XP The Marxman & Alphabetic - Clubber Lang (prod. by Giallo Point)

Jurah Jahveh & M Slago ft. Dow Jonez & Rakim Al-Jabbar - Prophet Bars

Redman - Ya!

Ras Beats ft. Vic Spencer - Compensated Confidence

Chris Rivers - Be You

Nu Jericans ft. Nalm Myerz & Twilight - 4 Lokos

Dialect Interview

Innocent? - Blind Date

 Pounds & Fith ft. Mayhem Lauren - Problem

St. Ivan the Terrible - From The Dirt & The Muscle

Bozack Morris ft. Black Milk - The Darkness

 Ren Thomas - Victor

 Constant Deviants - Hush

Falconcrest & Ray Vendetta - Topsy Turvy

Napoleon Da Legend - Beige Whales (prod. by Giallo Point)

 Lord Digga - Yakuu

Conspiracy - You See Me...Look At Me

Jamal Gasol - Beyond

Chuck N Lock - State Of Affairs

ALBe Back Interview

Percee P & Chuck Chilla - Freestyle

Final Shoutouts