6-5-18: Ras Beats, Lord Roc/DJ JS-1/J-Holly/Primma Banks (Sky God)



 Swollen Members - Homicide

 Oowop The Don feat.  Royal  Flush & Large Professor - Day Wonin

Purpose & B.B.Z Darney ft. Saigon - Limitless Styles

 Singapore Kame - Karma (It's Your Turn)

Katiah - ToughStuff Builds Character

Tha God Fahim & Nicholas Craven - I Dread

Kool Taj The GR8 - Cold Steel

Milano Constantine - Guaranteed

Starvin B & Stu Bangas - Fentanyl

Falconcrest ft. Sleep Sinatra & Skitso - Live At The Sands

 Lord Roc/DJ JS-1/J-Holly/Primma Banks (Sky God)

DJ JS-1, J-Holly & Primma Banks - Stand Tall

 L.I.F.E. Long ft. BMS & Bey Battery - Power In The Palace

 Jedi Mind Tricks - You Have One Devil But Five Angels

Benny ft. Skyzoo - The Hunter 2

IconCurties ft. Daniel Son - German Beer

CZARFACE & MF DOOM - Meddle with Metal (7L's Nytyme Mix)

 Black Thought & 9th Wonder ft. Rapsody - Dostoyevsky

Thorough - Slow Flows

 IconCurties ft. SmooVth & Ankhlejohn - Milky Way

Gotti Gator - Nightmares in Killa Queens Pt. 2

Jamal Gasol & Sauce Heist - Back On The Map (Produced By DirtyDiggs)

Ty Farris & WateRR - Scottie Pimpin (prod by DirtyDiggs)

Ras Beats Interview

 Ras Beats ft. John Jigg$ - Bridge The Gap

Illah Dutch & Mr. Ripley - Rulerz Regime

Final Shoutouts