7-25-17: Eloh Kush & DJ Priority, Vital Groundz



Mostro -  Back n Forth

I.B. Manhattan & Billz -  Bodies On The Ground

Freak Tha Monsta - Quarter Water

The Alchemist ft. Your Old Droog -  Troubles

Ali Vegas -  The Foundation

Dox Boogie ft. Rhyme Addicts & Dro Pesci -  We Are The Faces

Loaf Muzik -  Hustlin'

Crazemen -  No Good Man

M.W.P. ft. Nowaah The Flood & DJ Grazzhoppa - Bad News

Throwbak - Canseco's Revenge

Vital Groundz Interview

MPulse - Gym Flow

Mark Ski ft. J57 -  Truck Jewels

Kyo Itachi ft. Ruste Juxx - Samurai Sushi

Cheeba Hawk Consortion ft. Dres - Better Yourself

Skyzoo -  Doing Something

Fred The Godson ft. Dave East - G5

Poisonous Diggs (Killa Kali & Dirty Diggs) - Tru Colors

Poisonous Diggs (Killa Kali & Dirty Diggs) -  Tru Colors

Whatson ft. Nutso, Robb P & M-Dot - The Cycle

Nyck @ Knight (Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight) - No one Seems To Care

Certain Ones - Newsspeak

TBTRPPN ft. Lord Olo - $H00K

Marvalyss ft. Angel Luis -  Black Caesars

Agallah ft. Milano Constantine & Lord Tariq - Wolves Of Now Why

Asun Eastwood - Asun's Story

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority Interview

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority -  Follow The Shams

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority ft. Ja The Gif -  Tut Talk

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority Interview con't.

DJ Priority & Eloh Kush ft. John Robinson, Leah Janea & Left Gunnz - Noetic