4-11-17: Osyris Antham, 60 East



G. Fisher - Hell's Kitchen

Apollo Ali - The City

Da Villins ft. Sean Price - Indivisible (P&P)

Sleep Sinatra - Time of Prayer and It's Meaning

Phat Kat & DJ Dister - S.O.S. (So Old School)

Hobx ft. Saga - The Gritt

Pawz One ft. Percee P - Avalanche Warning (Remix)

AZ ft. Raekwon & Prodigy - Save Them

Da Villins - Stay Focused

Thought Provokaah - Take it to '94

60 East Interview

60 East ft. Sly Boogie & Blu - The Origin

Casablanca - Death From Above

Cane Murphy - Time to Retaliate

The Council - Promised Land

Passport Rav ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Other Tide

Cassandra the Goddess MC ft. A.G. - Have it Your Way

Red Rum - Last Call

Red Pill & Illingsworth - Probably Not

Madchild - Wild Fire

DANGERDOOM (Danger Mouse & MF DOOM) ft. Black Thought & Vinny Price - Mad Nice

WhiteOwl & DJ Fred Ones - The Main Event

Osyris Antham Interview

Osyris Anthem - Tattoo

Osyris Antham Interview con't.

Queens Bridge United - 8 Shots

Mr. Complex ft. Dres & El Fudge - I'm Ready

Evidence & The Alchemist - Throw It All Away

Daniel Son & Saipher Soze - Task Force

Certain Ones - B+ disappointment

Crime Apple - Beige

Verbal McMahon - Hooters

GGR Fan Call-Ins & Final Shoutouts