10-10-17: CRIMEAPPLE, Subtex, DJ Mike Nice




Southpaw Chop ft. Large Pro - Jewel of the Day

Da Buze Bruvaz - Pirate Ship Vandalz

Certain.Ones - Sam Cassel (prod. by DJ Fred Ones)

Irealz ft. Empuls, Akir, Kenyattah Black & Double AB - Fist Full of Iron

J.Scienide ft. Hassaan Mackey - Stick Up Kids 

Slaine vs. Termanology ft. Chris Rivers - Bringing Much Terror

Mhorlocks ft. Ocean (Natural Resources) - I'm On

Stoneface ft Lil Fame (M.O.P.) - Stone Ag 

Skrewtape - Sell It For Two

K.A.A.N. - Elevation

Jon Glass ft. Rapper Big Pooh, Kali Raps, Chilia Jones & Ea$y Money - Get I 

DJ Mike Nice Interview

Solo For Dolo - Don't Rap!

Lisaan'dro - No Bueno

ShoZae - Operation X

Stik Figa & The Conductor - Morning Thanks

General Steele, Ruste Juxx & Rim (Da Villins) - Respect

Twistello ft. Falconcrest - Russian Roulette

The Co Defendants (Profit & Benefit) - Mention Us


Spectacular Diagnostics ft. CrimeApple, Al.Divino, Smoovth & Flashius Clayton - Stack the Cabbage

Passport Rav & Dre Skuffs - Every Time

Tha God Fahim & EyeDee - A Step Up

Dax Mpire (The Narcotechs) - You're Not Ready

A-Minus ft. Jaye Prime - Purple Trees 

Subtex Interview

Subtex ft. Skanks (Bankai Fam) - That's Exactly What It Is

Subtex Interview con't.

Eff Yoo & Kurse - Spic Flair

Ralphiie Reese, Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush - All

R.O.T - Whole Sale

Final Shoutouts