9-6-16: HaStyle, Coco 144, DMT & Avatar


Slaine - Pusher

SBBX ft. Conway - Jungle

De La Soul ft. Roc Marciano - Property of Spitkicker.com 

Urban Shocker ft. Muhammad Ali - Solders of Fortune

Roccwell ft. Born Unique & DJ Case - Let It Go

Dave Colder - Dropped

Dominique Larue & J. Rawls - Us Tonight

K3yz$ Da G.O.N. - Another Man Defeated By Survival

Devine Carama  ft. D'Lee  - God Said Im The Nicest

Apathy & Celph Titled ft. O.C. - Ya Baby Mutha

Configa & HaStyle - Nightmares

Coco 144 Interview

Cohorts (LMNO & Twiz the Beat Pro)

I.B. Manhattan & Buckshot - Uptown Bucktown

Mercy ft. Ali Vegas - Neon Lights

Hus Kingpin - Wizard Of Dons

Certain Ones - Boom Baptism

Bishop Nehru - Fade

Rhinoceros Funk ft. L.I.F.E. Long, Whiteowl & Akbar - Skills and Tons

Kool Keith ft. Sadat X - Life

Young P Livin Proof, Fokis & Cortez - On Some Other…

Five Steez & Mordecai ft. Sosa & Nomad Carlos - Gods Collide

HaStyle Interview

HaStyle Lost in Space

HaStyle Interview con't.

HaStyle - HaStility

Aquamonk - Brooklyn Accent

Ghost of the Machine ft. Red Pill - Last Man On Earth

Hodgy Beats - Anime

DMT & Avatar Interview

Jake Kost - D.I.F.T.U

Onry Oxxborn ft. Rob Sonic - Not Really

MarQ Spekt & Blockhead ft. Sadat X - Devil's Island Storyteller

Big Kahuna OG & Graymatter ft. Alfred - Internet Fame

Jay IDK ft. Michael Christmas, Saba & Jimi Tents - My Wallet