8-9-16: Bodega Cold Kutz, Kenyattah Black, Verbal


Sean Price - Rap Professor (prod. DJ Skizz)

Rass Kass ft. Sean Price ft. General Steele - PayPal the Feature

Ultra Magnetic Disease - Yes Low

Zen6 & Wordsworth - Wonderflow

Psycho Les (Beatnuts) & R.A. the Rugged Man - Ba Ba Bars

Milkbone & Black Rob - None of This

Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Alipone - Long As I'm Alive

Daniel Son ft. Lil Eto - Dark Shade

Allen Poe ft. Hannibal King - Incandescent

Sa-Roc - What It's Worth

Pace Won, ILL, I.N.F. & Diabolic - 1 Rhyme 2 The Next

MortXGrim - Extract the Light

Bodega Cold Kutz Interview

DJ Joe Bodega Set

Verbal's Interview

Verbal - Memories

Dream Team & Verbal - Silvio Fante

Floco Torres - Back Home

Rav.P - Blck Evil

Discourse feat. A.G. (D.I.T.C.) - Testimony

Atmosphere ft. Kool Keith & MF DOOM - When the Lights Go Out

Maffew Ragazino ft. Wait P & Fiend - Jon McEnroe

MC Gels - Ease Ya Mind

The Higher Up - FDYM

Narcotechs (AG Da Coroner, Tony Touch & DJ Top 10) - Kick In La Puerta

Marvelous Mag & Shabaam Sahdeeq - Maneuver

Kenyattah Black Interview

Kenyattah Black ft. Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) - If You Like It

Kenyattah Black Interview con't.

Kenyattah Black ft. Brooklyn Chance, Daz Dillinger, Killa Priest & Billy Danze (M.O.P.)

Automatik Greatness - Poisionus Thoughtz

B.E.N.N.Y. & Conway - Dirty Needles

Supreme Cerebral ft. Jahaira, Eloh Kush & Banish - The Ism

Kooley High - The Cleaners

REKS - Kites (Prod by Alchemist)

Ed E. Ruger ft. Guilty Simpson & Gamer Gad - Crack in the Pavement

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo ft. Patty Crash - One In The Same

YL - Tell Coach I Gotta Ball