3-8-16: Skematics, A $harp, Poet Substratum, Poison Pen


Your Old Droog - DYLAN! (Prod. By Oh No)

RudeBoiiKev ft. Tay Dayne (Rot 4 Ever) - Turkish Coffee

Whiteowl & Fatcat Hayze - Ketamine Dreams

P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. ft. LikWUiD - American Apartheid

DJ Revolution, St. Basil, Headcrack & Mr. Mecc - U Need 2 Stop

Rod Starz (Rebel Diaz) ft. King Capo - Ella

Kyle Bent - How To Make Gold

Kenyattah Black ft. Vordul Mega - if You Like It

Dstroy & Q-Unique (The Arsonists) - Born In 87 (Criminal Minded BDP Tribute)

DJ Illogik ft. Rosewood 2055 - Keep It Movin'

The Barchitects & Beats N Bars ft. Poison Pen - Mount Rushmore

Dontique - Live to Learn

Avarice - When Pawns Become Kings

Skematics Interview

Skematics ft. Siagon - 4 Elements

Skematics Interview con't.

Skematics ft. Sean Price - Thou Art God

D.I.T.C. ft. O.C.- 4 Da Block

Cameron Butler - Glory

J-Zone-Go Back to Sellin' Weed

AG Da Coroner - The Stick Up

Daniel Son - Rag Top Porches

Cookbook & Evidence (Dialated Peoples) ft. DJ Romes - A Whole New Cook

Ducko Mcfli ft. Wara From The NBHD - Drive Safely

Allen Poe - Memory

Asaad - Taste Your Weed To This

Mayhem Lauren ft. Hologram - Sauce

Raticus ft. Kil Ripkin - Currency

A $harp Interview

Blame the New Guy - Dynamic Duo

Dawit Justice - Echatology

Nutso ft. Ea$y & Termanology - Sum Otha Sh!t

Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro ft. Killer Ben - Straight Face

Poet Substratum Interview

Poet Substratum - Fine

Bouncy 3 ft. King Mono - Little Shamar

Timeless Truth - Pop Champagne

DJ Illlogik ft. Draid Vicious - Freedumb

Poison Pen Interview

Freestyle Session