10-27-15: Charlie (Realill) Cruz, End of the Weak hosts Majesty, Baxter Wordsworth & Ayypii

Homeboy Sandman - Meet the Mets

Verbal Threat - Reality Check

Awon & Phoniks ft. Hex One & Delhlow - Gifted Unlimited

MoSS ft. Sean Price, Peddi Crack, Illa Ghee & Royal Flush - B.Q.P.

Zola Joe ft. Kool G Rap - Explode

Mahler ft. Ric Scales, namek & Uptown Swuite - Loogie

Dirt Disiples ft. Rick Gonzales & Chuuwee - Life is Good

Talib Kweli ft. Tef Poe & Kendra Ross - Which Side Are You On

Benu Byrd - N the Tank

First Division ft. Prince Po, Ruste Juxx & Baron - The C.D.C.

Whosane - I Will Return

Charlie Cruz - Saints & Sinners

Charlie Cruz Interview

Charlie Cruz - Gutter Music

Charlie Cruz Interview con't.

Kyle Raps - DF

Benu Byrd - Period

Kirk Knight ft. Joey Badass - 5 Minutes

Delorean ft. Short Dawg - Bacon

Tim Gent - Rising Sun

Conway ft. Westside Gunn & Skyzoo - Sky Joint

Michael Christmas - Just Blaze

Agallah ft. Pepe Locs - Don Status

Cambiowashere ft. Vocalist & Byrd - Day After Day

Akbar - Story of a Warrior pt. 1


Sav Killz ft. Creaturenomics, Planet Asia, Poison Pen, Louis Gonz, Illa Ghee, Reef the Lost Cause, Iron Braydz, Khosha Dillz & Frank Knight - A Murder of Crows

TOPE - Better Place

Nature ft. Hus Kingpin - Most Hated

Danny Watts - Frustrations Coryayo

Writers Guild - Poema

Akbar - B.O.M.S.

Die Rich ft. War Bixby - Molly Pop

Nolan the Ninja ft. Phat Kat - Deploi

Majesty - Free Palestine