11-7-17: Stoneface & William Cooper, Yamin Semali, Dane Uno



Prodigal Sunn (Sunz of Man) - YOU

Planet Asia ft. Chace Infinite, Innate & Bumps - Tha Movement

Conglexagnome -

Grand Surgeon ft. Nems - Shoot Back

Conglomerates - Undimensiones

PMD & RJ Da Realist - Slow Your Roll

Kenaytis Smith and Lyfestyle - Hold On

The Hoodies - Hoodie Season

Statik Selektah ft. Run the Jewels - Put Jewels On It

Yamin Semali Interview

Yamin Semali - We Got Time

Yamin Semali - Rocket Fuel

Starker (YL & Starker) - Karmaloop

Whispers ft. Sheek Louch - Braking Day

Woldhead - Soul Evil 2017

Volatile ft. Mickey Factz - No More

Dane Uno Interview

Dane Uno - Say Goodbye

Sleep Sinatra ft. Tekh Togo - Laboratory Raids

JOAT SLNM ft. Jamo Gang & Giant Gorilla Dog Thing - Fire

DJ Premier ft. A$AP Ferg - Our Streets

Jonathan UniteUs ft. Lord Apex, Dex Amora & Argyle - Global Warming

Stoneface & William Cooper Interview

Stoneface ft. Lil Fame - Stone Age

Stonerface ft. Ras Kass & William Cooper - 4th Dimension

Stoneface & William Cooper Interview con't.

Stoneface ft. Freeway - Calico Audio

Stoneface ft. Sean Price & William Cooper - Holy Mountain

Ca$ablanca, Jay Holly & DQ  - Sam Rothstein

Supreme Cerebral - Tryna Score

Muja Messiah & Roc Marciano  - You Haven't Lived

Vast Aire - Dark Metropolis (Prod. by COSMIQ)

Final Shoutouts







10-31-17: Kurse, Innocent?



Noveliss ft. Clear Soul Forces - Swordplay

GQ Nothin Pretty & DNA - Pump Pump (Freestyle)

Sir Diggy ft. Rockness Monsta & AG Da Coroner - The Nightmare

Taiyamo Denku - Stand Back  

Paranormal - Shine Eternal

Heavy Metal Kings (Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill) - Petrus Steel

FlowTecs - No Trespassers

Jon Glass ft. Ruste Juxx - Bird Brain

MC Gels - Find Yo Self

Caper ft. Poterarok - How to Kill a Mastermind

Wolfhead - A.O.A.

Stess the Emcee ft. Supreme The Eloheem, Arsonal Da Rebel & Shabaam Sahdeeq - Wolves

Pro Status & Jack Wonders - The Black Sun

Kurse Interview

Eff Yoo & Kurse - Snuf Film Noir

Nowahh The Flood - Flood the Streets (prod. by Kurse)

CRIMEAPPLE ft. Daniel Son - Elm Street

ChanHays ft. Supastition, Ambition & One Be Lo - Never Knew

The Lox - Break It Down

Dr. Quandry ft. Godforbid & Louis Mackey - Jukebox Buddha

Milano Constantine & J Bux - Maniac

ChanHays ft. Fat Ray, Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson - Smokin'

A Minus & DaG - No Country For New Nxxgas

Skipp Whitman - Goodnight

Tha Soloist & Per C Wells - Pride Can Hurt

Innocent? Interview

Innocent? - Ahhhhhh

Innocent? Interview con't.

Us Natives ft. Conway & Burke The Jurke - Armageddon Is Now

Defari ft. Evidence - Acknowledgement

Benny - The Ghost

Da Flyy Hooligan ft. Hus Kingpin - Distress Signals

Final Shoutouts



10-24-17: EyeDee, La Bruja, Verbal McMahon



Cloud City Projects - No White Flags

Tha God Fahim - Burnt Gold

Dreadchild & Aswad Mikal - Clown Killerz

ChanHays ft. Pharoahe Monch, GhettoSocks & Rass Kass - Ghost in the Shell

Jon Glass ft. Friday Da 13th & Koncept - L.O.A.P.

N.B.S. ft. Onyx - 100 Mad Vets

PhybaOpikz & Vic Grimes - Carlssons

Moonshine - Open Ya Ears

Certain Ones - Fat Laces

Tragedy Khadafi & Frost Gamble - Pain & Glory

EyeDee Interview

MC Whitowl & EyeDee - Gun Powder (cuts by DJ Fred Ones)

Blu & Exile - Back To Basics

Rosati - Moses Scriptures

Pearl Gates - Rocks Right Now

Aurielohim (Auriel Greatness) - Seeking the Truth (Last Child)

Atmosphere - Ode To The Modern Man

KiLaMDaPro ft. Adobee - Everyday Thing

La Bruja Interview

Aliano & Jakk Wonders - Cold Meals and Top Ramen

AG & EyeDee ft. Nowaah the Flood, Recognize Ali, DJ Akil - Certified

CRIMEAPPLE ft. Daniel Son & SmooVth - When You Go

Rome Streetz - Razors Edge

Agallah & Dr. Zodiak - Shieks On Camelback

Flashius Clayton - Kobe Klayton

Conway - Nash

Verbal McMahon Interview

Verbal McMahon - Hooters

Verbal McMahon - L.Y.F.Y.

Verbal McMahon Interview con't.

Verbal McMahon - For the Family

L'Orange ft. Del The Funky Homosapien - Blame The Author

Petey Max & Dunny Cold-Facts - Yankee Bomber Jackets

DJ Clif ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Samouraï Code

Final Shoutouts


10-17-17: Tone Chop & Frost Gamble, D Spliff




Beatnick & K-Salaam ft. Homeboy Sandman - Mastery

ChanHays ft. Skyzoo, eLZhi & Uptown XO - Running

The American B-Boy ft. Rock - B-Boy Rock

Yahzeed & Silent Someone - 

Starvin B & One-Take - Ironworkers

Problem ft. Airplane James - Top Off (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Edo G - Smoke 

Rashad Sun ft. Eloh Kush - Lyrics Matter

Cassandra the Goddess MC ft. Snype Life, Chris Rivers & Styles P - Organ Drill

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble Interview

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble ft. Kool G Rap - Walk the Walk

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble ft. DNA - In the Streets

Tone Chop Interview con't.

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble - Crowd Pleaser

Camp Lo - Lovin' It

ToneyBoi & Camoflauge Monk ft. Benny - Made It Out

Knuckle Sandwich Deli (Flashius Clayton & Lisaan'dro) - Preseason (The Warm Up) 

Jos Rockwell - Trailblazer

Wu-Tang ft. Method Man, R-Mean and Mzee Jones - G'd up

D Spliff Interview

D Spliff Set

Soul Khan - Kafka

Mayhem Lauren ft. Hologram & Benny - War Drums

Bishop Nehru - Roam4AHome

WESTSIDEDOOM (WestSide Gunn & MF DOOM) - 2Stings

Whiteowl - 

EyeDee ft. Ty Farris & Heem Stogied - Switch The Flow

Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA and Sean Price - Pearl Harbor



10-10-17: CRIMEAPPLE, Subtex, DJ Mike Nice




Southpaw Chop ft. Large Pro - Jewel of the Day

Da Buze Bruvaz - Pirate Ship Vandalz

Certain.Ones - Sam Cassel (prod. by DJ Fred Ones)

Irealz ft. Empuls, Akir, Kenyattah Black & Double AB - Fist Full of Iron

J.Scienide ft. Hassaan Mackey - Stick Up Kids 

Slaine vs. Termanology ft. Chris Rivers - Bringing Much Terror

Mhorlocks ft. Ocean (Natural Resources) - I'm On

Stoneface ft Lil Fame (M.O.P.) - Stone Ag 

Skrewtape - Sell It For Two

K.A.A.N. - Elevation

Jon Glass ft. Rapper Big Pooh, Kali Raps, Chilia Jones & Ea$y Money - Get I 

DJ Mike Nice Interview

Solo For Dolo - Don't Rap!

Lisaan'dro - No Bueno

ShoZae - Operation X

Stik Figa & The Conductor - Morning Thanks

General Steele, Ruste Juxx & Rim (Da Villins) - Respect

Twistello ft. Falconcrest - Russian Roulette

The Co Defendants (Profit & Benefit) - Mention Us


Spectacular Diagnostics ft. CrimeApple, Al.Divino, Smoovth & Flashius Clayton - Stack the Cabbage

Passport Rav & Dre Skuffs - Every Time

Tha God Fahim & EyeDee - A Step Up

Dax Mpire (The Narcotechs) - You're Not Ready

A-Minus ft. Jaye Prime - Purple Trees 

Subtex Interview

Subtex ft. Skanks (Bankai Fam) - That's Exactly What It Is

Subtex Interview con't.

Eff Yoo & Kurse - Spic Flair

Ralphiie Reese, Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush - All

R.O.T - Whole Sale

Final Shoutouts


10-3-17: REKS, Lola Bastinado



LS Camp ft. Masta Ace - Too Black

Lute - Juggin'

Masta Killa ft. Method Man & Redman - Therapy

Awkword - Heather Heyer (Fuck Trump)

I.B. Manhattan ft. Moonshine - Mumblers

J57 ft. Exile, Blame One, CashUs King, Tenacity & Sly5thAve - Listening to Axelrod

Co Defendants (Profit & Benefit) - Shaq & Kobe

Krumbsnatcha - I Murked You

DJ Real One ft. PRism & Machete - Spiced Rum

Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. Planet Asia & Milano Constantine - It's a Must (prod. by DJ Ready Cee)

The Council - Council Arts

Reef The Lost Cauze ft. Planet Asia & Skrewtape - The Righteous

Lola Bastinado Interview 

DJ Real One ft. Ali For The Go - I Walk Alone

Flashius - Vials

Sure Shot ft. UFO Fev & Bunchy Cartier - Da Munny

Cloud City Projects - Guilty Too

Big Twins & DJ Skizz ft. Fashawn - More than Money

Tim Gent - 1619

Starvin B & Tesla's Ghost - Hazard Lane

Slaine Vs. Termanology ft. Madchild - Some Other Sh*t

REKS interview

St. Da Squad - Definition 

St. Da Squad - To The Beat

R-Mean - Officer Officer

Lisaan'dro - Remember What Starks Said

L'Orange ft. Blu & Elzhi - The Difference

Benny - Hustler's Wife

WESTSIDEDOOM (WestSide Gunn & MF DOOM) - Gorilla Monsoon

Final Shoutouts

9-26-17: Flip the Script Radio, Ruste Juxx, Stuck B


MOoKneTo the Anti-Rapper - Ode to the Hero

Starving B & One Take - 8 Shades

Apathy & O.C. - ft. Marvalyss - Winter Winds

UZOO - Double O Flow

Wu-Tang Clan ft. Inspektah Deck, Redman - Lesson Learn'd

Ras Kass ft. Coast Contra - Pyramid Schemes

Neak ft. Chris Crack & Philmore Greene - CHALALA

Saipher Soze - Gotham Warlord

Rapsody ft. Kendrick Lamar - Power

Skitso - Dr. Lector

Nolan the Ninja ft. A-Minus - Capiche

88K - The Code

Rock (Heltah Skeltah) - The Purge

Champ the Poet - Put 'Em On Notice

Innocent? - Heffanie

Buddy Leezle ft. Grand Scheme & Ren Thomas - Animals House

Stuck B Interview

Stuck B - Brownsville

Stuck B Interview con't.

Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Slash

CrimeApple - Dhalism

Sleep Sinatra - Asylum

Koncept - 2:30

Precyce Politix - The Feeling

Ruste Juxx Interview

Ruste Juxx - Over Here

Ruste Juxx - 16 Bars of Corruption

Ruste Juzz Interview

Ruste Juxx ft. Razor Blade & Goldo Kon Ambre - Desire Me

Supreme Cerebral & Ralphiie Reese - Tuff Talk

Recognize Ali, Daniel Son, Eto & Vic Spencer - Shiny Ski Masks

Flip the Script Radio Interview

CrimeApple ft. Daniel Son - 2.5 Fried Chickens w Rice

Apathy & O.C. ft. Celph Titled - Stompkillcrushmode

Starving B & One Take - Ironworkers

Final Shoutouts


9-19-17: Karnegie, Iron Sheikh



St. Da Squad - K.I.M. (Derelict 2)

Throwbak - Queng Dem

Gary Rue ft. Recognize Ali - Original

KLK Beats ft. Reks, Termanology & Kay-R - Beauty of Life

Flee Lord ft. Benny - Sum Gotta Give

Rock Mecca ft. Roc Marciano - Gladiator Schools

PRism ft. Machete & DJ Real One - Will Fuck You Up

Kriswontwo ft. Craig G, Sadat X & Barron Ricks - Hip Hop Lives

DirtyDiggs ft. Supreme Cerebral - Novelty

Apathy & O.C ft. Jus Cuz - Globetrotters

Karnegie Interview

Karnegie ft. Napoleon the Legend - New Yilly

Karnegie - Party Animal

Karnegie Interview con't.

Stallone & Weathers - The Feeling

Princess Nokia - ABCs of New York

Flashius Clayton ft. Lisaandro - Dead Doves

Menace - Murderer

True North Legacy ft. Rustee Juxx - Too Advanced

L'Orange ft. Oddisee - Look Around

Grandmilly & SageInfinite - Same Thang

Rock (Heltah Skeltah) ft. M.O.P. - FaxMachine

Iron Sheikh Interview

Iron Sheikh - Black Gloves

Iron Sheikh - I Got Drugs

Iron Sheikh Interview con't.

Iron Sheikh - Alchemy 

DirtyDiggs ft. Ty Farris - Harsh Realities

Spectacular Diagnostics ft. Koncept Jack$on - Road to Pesos

RSXGLD (Rospit & 14K)  ft. Octane & Illite - More Spit

Confucius - Fuse I See Ya

Certain.Ones - Subliminals

Final Shoutouts 



8-29-17: Noah-O, The Nujericans



The Funky Pandas (Jeru The Damaja & Psycho Les) - Dope Dealers

MF DOOM - Notebook #3

BP the Neckbreaker ft. Frukwan & 9th Prince - Stacking Ammo

 JR ft. Skyzoo - So Free

Wu-Tang Clan ft. Redman - People Say

Inspectah Deck & Caper - Dangerous Man

Rosati - H.C.W.

KOTA The Friend - Sacramento

Solo For Dolo ft. El Da Sensai - Boom Session

Crosby - 18

Noah-O Interview

Noah-O - Too Official

Noah-O Interview con't.

Noah-O - Raindrops

Tedy Andreas - 2nd Hand

 Apathy & O.C. - Live from the Iron Curtain

Lil Eto - Army Trucks

Daniel Son - Buakaw (prod. by PhybaOptikz)

 Action Bronson ft. Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger - Hot Pepper

Hus Kingpin ft. Rozewood - The Wave Ambassador

 Abyss ft. Ruste Juxx - Ain't Nice

Rockness Monsta ft. Raekwon & The Last American B-Boy - Declaration

 SageInfinite - Why You Envy

Tha God Fahim ft. Heem Stogied - Wicked Wind Blows

 Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Pain

Robb P - We On It

The Nujericans Interview

The Nujericans - Like This

The Nujericans Interview con't.

Tony Gore ft. Pawz One, Pacewon & DJ Madhandz - Blast off

Duffle Bag Hottie ft. Conway - Astral Plane

Writer's Guild - Access Granted

Shaz IllYork ft. Tools Beastly & Therman Munsin - Kandahar

GGR Cypher





8-22-17: Winston George (FKA FT), Taiyamo Denku & Rambunxious



DirtyDiggs ft. Planet Asia & Talib Kweli - Grown Folks Talkin

Kyo Itachi ft. M3 The Menace - Red Ribbon Flow

Anti-Lilly & Phoniks - Grow

Fred The Godson ft. Cali & Joell Ortiz - Tell 'Em

Gwop Sullivan ft. John Jigg$, Joseph Blackwell & Crotona P - Welcome

Koss ft. J Live - Straight Up Pretenders

Certain Ones - Full Eclipse

Phybaoptikz & Giallo Point ft. Recognize Ali - Loot Up

Fokis ft. Torae & Guilty Simpson - The Pressure (Can't Fold)

 Tymework ft. Copywrite - Roll Call

Ren Thomas - Hitman

Taiyamo Denku & Rambunxious Interview

Taiyamo Denku ft.  Rambunxious & Kool G Rap - Some MC Shit

Milwaukee Monstaz ft. Sean Price & Urban Legend - Venomous Magnetic

Taiyamo Denku & Rambunxious Interview con't.

Taiyamo Denku ft. America's Addiction - Grand Finale

Slaine Vs. Termanology - Land Of The Lost

Ea$y Money ft. Termanology, Reks, Superstah Snuk, Artisin & DJ DeadEye - Run Wild

Aliano & Jakk Wonders ft. Ruste Juxx -  The First Step

Tha Soloist & Dr. G - Die Again

Tymework ft. Reef The Lost Cauze - Rooftops

A.R.P. - R.I.P. Cacu

Eto ft. Agallah & Milano Constantine - Nobody Move

Mpulse - Money Making Mission

Rockness Monsta - GW BaG

Avenue - All Buisness

Dave East ft. Nas - The Hated

Winston George (FKA FT) Interview

Winston George (FKA FT) ft. Block Mcloud - Never Gave Up

Winston George (FKA FT) Interview con't.

Winston George (FKA FT) ft. Vinnie Paz - Orchestrated Violence

KMD ft. Jay Electronica & MF DOOM - True Lightyears

Rosati - The Reckoning

Westside Gunn & Mach Hommy - Macho On Coke

Mr. Muthafuckin' EXquire ft. Mayhem Lauren - Bebop And Rocksteady

Waterr & Ty Farris - Sieze Power

Final Shoutouts





8-15-17: I.B. Manhattan, Myse (Crush Proof)



Kyo Itachi ft. Krondon - At It Again

Throwbak - 84.5

Fashawn - Fashawn (prod. by Large Professor)

L.A.Z. (Clear Soul Forces) - Gettahead

Passport Gift ft. Westside Gunn, Conway & Royce Da 5'9 - Amen

Perestroika (Apathy & O.C.) - Soviet Official

Wordsworth & Sam Brown ft. Sadat X - Babies In The Stroller

Dillon & Diamond D - Feast

Marlon Craft - Marco Made Me Do It (prod. by Marco Polo)

Dizzy Wright - Fraud

CO Defendants (Profit & Benefit) - Turn It Up (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Myse (Crush Proof) Interview

Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - Yoohoo

Charlie Cruz - Sweet Love Tortured Soul

Tha God Fahim - Gnashing Of The Teeth

Innocent? - Ahhhhhh

Crimeapple - Algerian Shrimp

Ty Farris - I'm Mean (prod. by Nolan The Ninja)

Rigz - Eyes

Shaz Illyork ft. Tools Beastly & Therman Munsin - Kandahar

Sean Price ft. MF Doom & Ike Eyez - Negus

I.B. Manhattan ft. Dula - Lifestyle

I.B. Manhattan Interview

I.B. Manhattan ft. Swigga & Charlie Cruz - Just a Phase

I.B. Manhattan Interview con't.

Sean Price ft. Bernadette Price - Dead Or Alive

King RA & Bunty Beats - Summer Daze

Git Beats ft. Mayo & Pyrex Press - Kill For

Recognize Ali ft. Verbal Kent - Miracles

Natural Elements - Drones

Rhinoceros Funk - Funky Dope Rhino

Final Shoutouts





8-8-17: Kool Keith, DJ Bombeardo, Deep (2 Hungry Bros.)



Ruste Juxx, Razor Blade & Goldo Kon Ambre - Desire Me

Rhinoceros Funk - Funk Dope Rhino

Def3 & Late Night Radio ft. Del The Funky Homosapien, Moka Only & The Gaff - Small World

 I.B. Manhattan - Mind Fuck

John Reilly - What Do You Hold Dear

Giallo Point ft. Sonny Jim & Deejay Random - Winter Wear

Eppa - This Is For The Hip Hop

Eppa - This Is For The Hip Hop

Kool Keith Interview

Kool Keith - Sky

Kool Keith - Slow

Kool Keith Interview con't.

 Iron Sheikh ft. Kool Keith - Release The Vocals

Natural Elements - Clones

The Proz - The Duct Tape (prod. by Nottz)

 Rap P -  Make It Or Break It

Obie Trice ft. ???? -  Truth 2 Power

 DJ Bombeardo Interview

 DJ Bombeardo Set

Deep (2 Hungry Bros.) Interview

8-1-17: Skanks (Bankai Fam), IDE/Jise One/Alucard (The Defiant 3)



Passalacqua ft. Nolan the Ninja -  Labour

Caper ft. Solomon Childs & Ruste Juxx - Danger Zone

 Gutta Grimey & Bunty Beats - What I See

Euroz ft. Demrick, Reezy & Dizzy Wright -  The Intermission

Magno Garcia -  Wicked Fall

Bombeardo -  Tunnel Vision

Jon Glass ft. The D.A. - Never Gonna Give You Up

I.B. Manhattan - More Boom Bap

Tanya Morgan ft. Ilyas -  Filthiest aka LESSLOWITT!!

K-Def ft. The Artifacts - Left in My Dust

Madchild ft. Evidence -  Green Light

IDE/Jise One/Alucard (The Defiant 3) Interview

 U.G. -  Close Your Eyes

IDE - Nirvana

 IDE/Jise One/Alucard (The Defiant 3) Interview con't.

Aliano & Jakk Wonders - Trailblazer

Waterr & Ty Farris - Seize Power

Raspy - Holidays

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Meyhem Lauren - Bebop and Rocksteady

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Panties in a Jumble

Westside Gunn & Mach Hommy -  Macho On Coke

Madchild  ft. Krondon & Evidence - All I Know

Buddy Leezle ft. Grand Scheme - Fresh Linens

 Asun Eastwood ft. Black Nazi -  Poverty

Pounds ft. Conway -  Gone Tomorrow

Skanks (Bankai Fam) Interview

Skanks & Endemic Emerald ft. Ruste Juxx & Kasim Allah - Prison Riot

Skanks & Endemic Emerald ft. Shatike & Rim Da Villain - Straight Out Da NYC

Skanks (Bankai Fam) Interview con't.

Banish Habitual & Kurse -  Son of Ramirez

Final Shoutouts


7-25-17: Eloh Kush & DJ Priority, Vital Groundz



Mostro -  Back n Forth

I.B. Manhattan & Billz -  Bodies On The Ground

Freak Tha Monsta - Quarter Water

The Alchemist ft. Your Old Droog -  Troubles

Ali Vegas -  The Foundation

Dox Boogie ft. Rhyme Addicts & Dro Pesci -  We Are The Faces

Loaf Muzik -  Hustlin'

Crazemen -  No Good Man

M.W.P. ft. Nowaah The Flood & DJ Grazzhoppa - Bad News

Throwbak - Canseco's Revenge

Vital Groundz Interview

MPulse - Gym Flow

Mark Ski ft. J57 -  Truck Jewels

Kyo Itachi ft. Ruste Juxx - Samurai Sushi

Cheeba Hawk Consortion ft. Dres - Better Yourself

Skyzoo -  Doing Something

Fred The Godson ft. Dave East - G5

Poisonous Diggs (Killa Kali & Dirty Diggs) - Tru Colors

Poisonous Diggs (Killa Kali & Dirty Diggs) -  Tru Colors

Whatson ft. Nutso, Robb P & M-Dot - The Cycle

Nyck @ Knight (Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight) - No one Seems To Care

Certain Ones - Newsspeak

TBTRPPN ft. Lord Olo - $H00K

Marvalyss ft. Angel Luis -  Black Caesars

Agallah ft. Milano Constantine & Lord Tariq - Wolves Of Now Why

Asun Eastwood - Asun's Story

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority Interview

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority -  Follow The Shams

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority ft. Ja The Gif -  Tut Talk

Eloh Kush & DJ Priority Interview con't.

DJ Priority & Eloh Kush ft. John Robinson, Leah Janea & Left Gunnz - Noetic

7-18-17: Marquee, Cthree, ARP



Koss ft. Torae - And You Don't Stop

Older Zealous ft. Mista Pigz - Just Step

True Masterz - Infinite Slang II

Supastition - Thanks, Ghost

Brown Bag AllStars ft. Akie Bermiss - Beerz

Skyzoo - Bamboo

Chox Mak & Dr. G - Bigger Picture

Masta Killa ft. Boy Backs & Moe Roc - OGs Told Me

Tanya Morgan - Cold Modelo

 Cthree Interview

Cthree - Soul Ties

DJ Tom Select ft. Craig G - Quality Control

Influence Getem & B-Sun - Bloodlust

Chris Rivers ft. Styles P, Sheek Louch & Lil Fame - Fair One

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) - Dirty Drumz

John Figz - Friends

Wordsworth & Sam Brown -  Horns from the Soul

Jakk Frost & DJ Skizz ft. Sean Price, Freeway & Tana - Generals Entrance

Recognize Ali ft. SageInfinite & Crimeapple - Tomahawk Blades

ARP Interview

ARP - Uptown G.O.A.T.

 ARP Interview con't

ARP - Block Champs

Daniel Son & Milano Constantine - Ice Water

Sha Hef - Wishing Well

Planit Hank ft. Styles P, Conway & Fame (M.O.P.) - Finish Him

Giallo Point & Crimeapple - Búscame

Sean Price - Imperious Rex

Marquee Interview

Marquee - Lean So Hard

Marquee Interview con't.

Marquee ft. Crystal Johnson -  Making of a Hustler

Marquee -  Another Level

Giallo Point & Supreme Cerebral - Night Walker

The Untouchables (Ca$ablanca, Jay Holly, Nowahh The Flood & Kincee) - Gucci Glasses

Final Shoutouts



7-11-17: Tef Poe & Rebel Diaz, Jes Haze (DTF Radio)



Finale & Fel Sweetenberg - The Keep

Tanya Morgan ft. Afaliah - Dirty Stayout

Mad Squablz - Spitters Lounge

 Chilo -  Spirits

Kyo Itachi ft. Bishop Lamont - Look In Their Eyes

Brown Bag AllStars ft. Tash (The Alkaholiks) - 11 Steps

Illah Dutch, Supreme Cerebral & Throwbak -Made Men

Blacastan & Stu Bangas ft. Ill Bill, Nems & Rasheed Chappell - Delete (Remix)

Zion I - Wake Up (Chief Xcel Remix)

Freak Tha Monsta ft. Chris Rivers - False Move

Billy Mercury ft. Mile High Tommy & 94 Nicely - Control

Skyzoo - Finesse Everything

O.C. - A New Day

Sleep Sinatra & Abe The Griot - Zyklon B

Joey Bada$$ - 500 Benz (prod. By Statik Selektah)

Therman Munsin ft. Big Twins -  I Ain't Wit The Evil Empire

Dane Uno ft. Kool Keith, Sav Killz & Math Hoffa - Dog Day

 Jes Haze Interview

CNP (Cee-Gee & Program - MPFlash

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia ft. Willie The Kid - Dalai Lama Slang

Rapsody - The Pain

Madchild - Broken Record (prod. by Evidence)

Kid Vishis & Royce da 5'9 - Go Off

Mardoch ft. Blaq Poet - Baddest Mf

JSWISS ft. Chandanie - (Re)Play

El Prez & Coopatroop - 20 Karats On The Wrist

Tef Poe & Rebel Diaz Interview

7-4-17: St. Ivan the Terrible, Minx



Big Lenbo ft. Demrick, Jay Lonzo, Blaque Keyz & Just Juice - Protect Your Neck (Remix)

DJ Jabbathakut ft. St. Ivan The Terrible  - The Element

K.A.A.N. - Stillness

Hell Rell & Cory Gunz - Cop N Go

Eclyse - Creative Cadence

The Quarter Inch Kings - Picture This

Cthree -  Soul Ties

Sincere Da MC - Street Corner Words

Program - Pro Day

Aliano & Jakk Wonders - Americana

iNTeLL ft. Mickey Factz, Fred the Godson & Frankie Ford - Rockstar

St. Ivan the Terrible Interview

St. Ivan the Terrible - The Purge

 St. Ivan the Terrible interview con't.

St. Ivan the Terrible - Combatant

Slugga Black -  Sideline Story (Remix)

Jay Holly - These Streets

Anubis ft. ThaGodFahim - Anarchy

Cohorts (LMNO & Twiz The Beatpro) ft. Oh No - The Process

Boob Bronx ft. Eto - Angels

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble ft. Kool G Rap - Walk the Walk

ILL Gordon ft. Vic Spencer - High

 Minx Interview

Minx - Buy a Body (Live In Studio)

Minx Interview con't.

Minx -  Fuck You, I Love You (Live In Studio)

Starvin B ft. Clasik - Keep Dumbin

Pacewon & Mr. Green ft. Chris Rivers - Massacre

Ea$y Money ft. Whispers - Make It Out

Benny - Camellia's (prod. by Green Lantern)

Rast - The Heroin Made Me Do It

Dave East - No Back and Forth

Haze (Main Aim) - Boomerangs

Whiteowl - The Buff (Demo Version)

Final Shoutouts & GGR Cypher




6-27-17: Jamo Gang, Congplexonome



Sadat X & Diamond D - The Five Boroughs

Jon Glass ft. The D.A. Du-KaRan & Pat Liban - On Our Way

Seven Spherez ft. Marvwon, Recognize Ali, Britizen Kane & Tha Soloist - Lock It Down

Marquee & Ninjustice ft. Gstats (Bankai Fam) - Death Angels

C God & Verbal McMahon - Zooms

Napoleon The Legend - Pale Horse

ManKind - Club Deluxe

Malik Turner ft. Beneficence - Rock Steady

Justo & Showbiz - Rocimity

Kid Fade - Pressin On

DJ Priority & Eloh Kush ft. John Robinson, Leah Janea & Left Gunnz - Noetic

Ruste Juxx - Bang Ya Head

Congplexonome Interview

Congplexonome - T.K.S.

Congplexonome Interview con't.

Congplexonome -  Lavish Leap Proposal (Extinction)

Kyo Itachi ft. Big Twins - Like A Movie

Jarren Benton ft. Termanology, Chris Rivers & Chucc Daily - Gun Shot

Deep Breez (Deep & Breez Evahflowin) ft. Vast Aire, Cryptic One, & L.I.F.E. Long - Strong Atoms

Spectacular Diagnostics ft. Conway, Chris Crack & Nolan the Ninja - Rambo Bars

Certain Ones - Army of Ones

SmooVth & Giallo Point ft. CrimeApple - Lanús

Killer Ben - Malakai

AG Da Coroner & Doza the Drum Dealer - Gemini Problems

MC Eiht ft. The Lady Of Rage - Heart Cold

Henny L.O. ft. Garrot Odom - Radiance

 Jamo Gang Interview

Jamo Gang - Straight No Chase

Jamo Gang ft. Big Twins -  Here We Go Again

 Jamo Gang Interview con't.

Marquee & Ninjustice - Another Level

Bozack Morris ft. Daniel Son - Karate Practice

SmooVth & Giallo Point ft. Daniel Son - Crook

ALBe Back - Hot Fire

 Final Shoutouts & GGR Cypher