6-4-19: The Doppelgangaz, Nomad Carlos, Neek The Exotic



Has-Lo & Castle - Look Out!

The Good People ft. MXNXPXLY Family - A Summer Night At The Symphony

Nems - Lil Niggas

Homeboy Sandman - West Coast (prod. by Aesop Rock)

Jay Are (J Rawls & John Robinson) - Interlude 2 (Free Free)

Magno Garcia, King Author, Awful P, Lotus, Juice Mega, Darkstar & Zagnif Nori - GP-100

Certain.Ones - Digital Silence

Solomon Childs & Tone Spliff ft. Inspectah Deck & Realio Sparkzwell - Repersentin' Lovely

Sav Killz ft. Killah Priest, Inspectah Deck & Cappadonna - Engulfed in the Swarm

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - Vegan Chicken Over Rice With My Cougar Bitch Who Look Like Jada Pinkett Smith

Tha Soloist ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - Ghostwriters

Dox Boogie ft. Geechi Suede (Camp Lo) - Popcorn N Porn

Murs & 9th Wonder - Ga$ Station Gucci Belt

Little Vic - Loyalty Electric

The Dopplegangaz Interview

The Dopplegangaz - Coffin Nails

The Dopplegangaz - Have Cloak Will Travel

The Dopplegangaz - Tarantism

Cappo & Senz Beats - Tidal Wave

Ransom & Nicholas Craven - The Reaper's Hood

IE Moe & O The Great - Meditate Strength

Kool Keith ft. Joell Ortiz & B-Real - Zero Fux (Nottz Remix)

Da Spit Club ft. St. Ivan The Terrible, Monotone & De La Torre - Blind Collabs (prod. by Stan Da Man)

Daniel Son & Futurewave - Old Soul

Ton3 Sk33 - Unapologetic

Nomad Carlos Interview

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Leviathan Axe

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Riot

Nomad Carlos Interview con't.

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Facts

RJ Payne - Undertaker

DirtyDiggs ft. Rigz - Cloth Rigz Ya Digg

Nems ft. Al-Doe & Axel Leon - No Reggaeton

Buddy Leezle & Camouflage Monk - Get Out the Way

Ren Thomas & Nef ft. Flee Lord & Termanology - On Site

Neek The Exotic Interview

5-28-19: Pop Da Brown Hornet, Percee P



Jaz-O - Kay Kounty Drumma

Es - The Do Better Challenge

Goose ft. Vic Spencer & Denmark Vessey - Spiked Tito's

Stro - Two More Chances (Freestyle)

MC Bravado, Phlow & Teck Zilla - Hip-Hop

Apokalips The Archangel ft Supreme Sniper & LEX NYRE - Aggression

Jay Royale ft. Big Twins - The Let Go

Freddie Black & Tone Spliff - Real Life

DNTE ft. Falcon Outlaw - Washing Machine

Whispers ft. Sheek Louch - 1970's Heroin Flow

Banish Habitual & Castle Money Beats - Bang Bang

Che Noir ft. Termanology - Kiss The Ring (prod. by 38 Spesh)

Pop Da Brown Hornet Interview

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Sophisticated Savage

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates ft. Kool G Rap & Spuddy Roots - Champion Sounds

Camoflauge Monk ft. GeneralBackPain - Inglewoodz Finest

Vic Spencer & Free Mind - The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Die

Mooch & Futurewave ft. Rigz & M.A.V. - Kill Papi, Pt. 2

Chris Orrick - America Online

RJ Payne ft. Benny The Butcher - Butcher Meets Leatherface

Mr. SOS & Mr. Enok ft. Cashmere The Pro - Memory Fields

Young Black And Gifted (Azariah And Kidd Called Quest) ft. Jae Hustle - More Than Music

Snotty & Str8 Bangaz - The Overdose

Percee P Interview

Vindetta ft. Magno Garcia - Grains Of Golden Sand

Big Bob & Nelson Dialect - Outlandish

Kemba - Last Year Being Broke

Bub Rock - Clover

Final Shoutouts

5-21-19: SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star, Def Soulja



Passport Rav ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Malcolm On Twitter

Keith Murray ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Al J - Cold Blooded

Noveliss - Train of Thought

DJ Davito ft. Royal Flush, Tragedy Kahdafi, Willie Stubz, Nutso & Big Twinz - Back 2 Queens

Tha Soloist - Knowstalgia (DJ TMB Tribute)

Shaz Illyork ft. Rome Streetz - 88 miles

Jason Famous Beats ft. Tito Fuerte (Wolfhead) - Kill Em All

Sheek Louch ft. Havoc & Fat Joe - New York Shit

Semi Six - Beauty (Freestyle)

Nems - Heavy Metal

DJ Premier ft. Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny the Butcher - Headlines

Big Shoes (Big Tone & House Shoes) ft. Quelle Chris - No Guest List

B Boy Mansini & Castle Money Beats - No Apoligies

Def Soulja Interview

Def Soulja - Breaker One Nine

Def Soulja - I.T.R.

Def Soulja Interview con't.

Def Soulja - Mood Change

MMX ft. Planet Asia & Knucles - You Will Die

Mic Handz, Stuck B & Thunny Brown - Here For The Work

Chuck Chan ft. L - Train - Clown Paint

Supreme Cerebral, Nowaah The Flood & The Kurse - Trust Nobody

Pearl Harba & Stan Da Man - Repping Time

Con$piracy & Greyhound ft. ALL Wize - Newzpaper

Big Bob ft. Mic Handz, Milano Constantine & LDontheCut - Cause for Concern

Recognize Ali ft. J Scienide & Tone Spliff - Driven

Jay Royale ft. Daniel Son - Horse Head

DJ Duke & Large Professor - Hard as Steel

Datkid & Leaf Dog ft. Roc Marciano - Scheme On

Curren$y & Statik Selektah ft. Jadakiss - Clear Pt. 2

Cocareef ft. Killy Shoot - Pistol AK

Sully Nomad & Ras Beats - Nueva York Diesel Pt. 2

Emma Lee - My Life

SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star Interview

SCVTTERBRVIN ft. Odessa Kane - Blue Flame

SCVTTERBRVIN ft. Leon St. Heron - Divine Comedy

SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star Interview con't.

Jamal Gasol - Wavy Flow (prod. by Quis Star)

Jamal Gasol - By Any Means (prod. by Quis Star)

Yellow Balaclava & Hobgoblin Beats ft. Josiah The Gift - Vegeta vs Jiren

Fatboi Sharif - Domestic Disturbance

Final Shoutouts

5-14-19: K. Burns, Cocareef



Craig G & Reel Drama - Who Stole the Soul

C-Nature - Sumthin' for the Kids

Bobby J From Rockaway - Throw Your W's UP (prod. by Breakbeat Lou)

Lord Balrog ft. Leaf Dog - GateWay Drug

Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) & Giallo Point - The Yellow Brick Wall

Neek The Exotic & Kool Taj The Great - My Favorite Weeds

MP & Vokab ft. Masta Ace - What Comes To Mind

Etcetera & Akili ft. DJ Royal - Rum & Coke

Big Shoes (Big Tone & House Shoes) - From My Mouth To Gods Ears

Vic Monroe - Soul Slap

Meta the Great Destroyer - Person That I Wear

Diamond D feat. Fat Joe, Raekwon & Fred The Godson - Survive or Die

West Philly Freck ft. Flee Lord, Crimepple, Rigz , Duffel Bag Hottie & Big Ooh - 6 Deep

Che Noir - Fall Of Rome (Prod. by 38 Spesh)

All Hail YT & Mute Won - Droga Legal

Prynce P - Darts

DREDi ft. Eto & Fastlife - Old Yankees

K. Burns Interview

K. Burns - Dishes

K. Burns ft. Eddie Kane - New Young G's

K. Burns Interview con't.

K. Burns ft. Mak P & Rim - Adios

Mr Cheeks & Craig G - Rebel Music (prod. by Pete Rock)

Diamond D feat. Erick Sermon & Havoc - The Three Kings

Chris Orrick - Funny Things

Certain.Ones - Delta High

Izzy Hott ft. The Musalini - White Burgunday

Realio Sparkzwell ft. Tone Spliff - Clark GabEL

Kenyattah Black & Rim - Gorrilah Rap

Pheonix - Sparta

Nyota - Glow

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - On a Roll

Plays & Statik Selektah ft. Zâr - I Know

V Don, Willie The Kid & Eto - Floor Seats

Cocareef Interview 

Cocareef ft. Jamil Honesty, Micah Write, Sedizzy, The Lupus Dei Experience, Whata Mess & Ambishouz - Diamonds in the Rough

Cocareef Interview con't. 

Ren Thomas & Nef (Lost And Found) - Flashing Lights

Freddie Black & Flee Lord ft. DJ Eclipse - Tremendous Operation

SCVTTERBRVIN - Hunnit Stack$

Final Shoutouts

5-7-19: Rampage, Agallah & Doc Burns, Benny



Akbar - Loop 55

8ighty8 (SITH & iNTeLL) - POWAh

Mr. Noun & Execute - Do Without Who

SolCaesar (Tha Soloist & Brutal Ceaser) - 21 Guns

J57 - Voltaire

Certain.Ones - Nag Champa

AWOL Da Mindwriter - Night Trap

Cas Metah ft. Die-Rek - Head Strong

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates ft. Rasheed Chappell - Live On Air

Maid ft. Ruste Juxx - It's a Wrap

K Terror & Vinny Idol - Least Expect It

SpiderdaGod & Recognize Ali - Blood of the Royals (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas ft. Blacastan & Spit Gemz - Tales To Astonish\

Apokalips The Archangel ft. Sum-01 - Heartbroke

Blu & Exile - True & Livin

Styles P ft. Lil Fame - The Professionals

Benny Interview

Wolfhead - Boogie Heads

Adam Koots ft. One Sixth & Joe Snow - Go Fish

Josiah The Gift - Not SeeIsm

Joe Mack & Free Mind- Gotta Get Mine

Rampage Interview

Yellow Balaclava & LaPlum ft. Indigo Phoenyx, Killy Shoot & General BackPain - Gimme The Bitch

Phonk P & Flee Lord - Bicoastal Lords

eNox ft. Buddy Leezle - Denny's

Agallah & Doc Burns Interview

Hus Kingpen & KXNG CROOKED - The Conversation

SageInfinite - The Man Behind The Mask

Sully Nomad - Nunca

Gaine$ & P Souloist ft. El Camino & Skate Cobain - Mr. Big Stuff

Final Shoutouts

4-30-19: I Am Many, Sydetrak Imperial (Age of Extinction)



Third Eye Merchants ft. Paranormal - Ain't What Ya Want

Ruste Juxx & ILL - Bring It

Aye Wun - Call Me

Slim One ft. M-Dot, Ren Thomas & Superstah Snuk - No Mercy For Pigs

Meta the Great Destroyer - Trashcan Grooves

Twistello, Last Composer, Chief Reckah & Sage Infinite - Fast Lane

Teller Bank$ & Blaq Knight - Fallen

Pearl Harba ft. Breana Marin - Don't Be Mad

G.S. Advance - Leather Bomber

Dope Knife ft. Linqua Franqa - Make Perfect (Remix)

NEMS - Gahbage

St. Ivan The Terrible - Who Needs Enemies

The Opioid Era - Narcan

WateRR & Ty Farris - Married To The Game

Nutso - Pray For Me

Cousin Feo & Lord Juco - Favela Favorites (prod. by Hobgoblin)

Aswad Mikal ft. Trey Special - Crown Jewels

I Am Many Interview

I Am Many - All Rise

I Am Many - One Two, One Two

I Am Many Interview con't.

eNox & Who - Buy Raw Report

Con$piracy & Greyhound - Curren$y & Wiz

Obi Khan - Rambo's Revenge

AnkhleJohn & Greymatter - Jason Mask

Yellow Balaclava & JPR Beatz ft. Josiah The Gift & Prestigious - Omar - 360

Mav Montana & Flu - Trials

Al.Divino - Fishscale

Sleep Sinatra & Fortes - Solid

Paomar & Twiz The Beatpro - Oh Lord

Sydetrak Imperial Interview

Sydetrak Imperial - Stop The Presses

Sydetrak Imperial - You See Me

Sydetrak Imperial con't.

K.Burns ft. Eddie Kane - New Young Gs

Final Shoutouts

4-23-19: Verbal McMahon, Fasie



Nolan The Ninja ft. A-Minus - Gems

Purpose (Tragic Allies) - First of His Name

Meta the Great Destroyer - Barbe Noire (Prod by Bankrupt Beats)

Erick Sermon ft. Nature & Keith Murray - Stay Real Part 2

The Doppelgangaz - Monk Mode

Take Two ft. Slot-A, Sincerely Yours & Philmore Greene - Tha Joint

Myalansky - Jonsis

Salaam Remi ft. The Lox - The Grass

Mantis - Vacation

Jamal Gasol & Kool Taj The Gr8 - Real Live Shit

K.A.A.N. - Straight Face

DAP, Sleep Sinatra & Haze - Street Sharks

Jamil Honesty ft. Jay Royale & Codenine - Dimetapp

Your Old Droog - 90 From The Line

Wu-Syndicate ft. Planet Asia - Dropped It Off

LaBrea - Unstoppable

Verbal McMahon Interview

Verbal McMahon & Lord Zookie ft. Flee Lord - Casket Match

Verbal McMahon & Lord Zookie - Attitude Era

Verbal McMahon Interview con't.

Verbal McMahon & Lord Zookie - Mismatch

Bun B & Statik Selektah ft. Westside Gunn & Termanology - Concrete

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Riot

Dope KNife - So Upset

Willie The Kid & D.U.S. - Nectarine

Mickey Factz - Motivated

Tha God Fahim ft. Mach-Hommy - B7

Gorilla NEMS ft. Conway - Where You Know Me From

Falcon Outlaw AKA Falconcrest - Trigger Still Got No Heart

Ca$ablanca ft. Realio Sparkzwell - Gold Excellence

Trillmatic & Conway - PTSD

60 East - Snatch

Fuego Gawdz ft. Asun Eastwood - Escobar Rings

$auce Heist ft. Nowaah Da Flood - Silence

Fasie Interview

Tone Liv ft. Light The MC - Northface Jacket

Confucious & Ramsis Ali - Bars R Krazy

Tha Joint ft. Josiah The Gift - THAT Nigga

Final Shoutouts

4-16-19: D.V. Alias Khryst, Minx



Whiteowl - Catch 22

Tone Spliff ft. Ill Conscious - Ill Flows

Sydetrack Imperial ft. Fatboi Sharif - American Horror Story

Killy Shoot ft. Onaje Jordan - Excel

Illa Ghee - Pull Up (prod. by Havoc)

Erick Sermon ft. Raekwon & Noreaga - My Style

P.Sways & Grand Surgeon ft. Ruen Rebel, Jade Sways & Dre Skee - Babylon Burning

Diabolic & Vanderslice ft. Tre Mark Star, Coast & John Jigg$ - Who We Are

Loveboat Luciano - Heminway

Certain.Ones - Lemongrass

Baby Maine - S.M.D. (SexMoneyDrugs)

Vinnie Paz & Tragedy Khadafi - The Most Gracious [prod. by Stu Bangas]

Tone Spliff  ft. Kool Taj Tha Gr8 - What Glitters Ain't Gold

Semi Six - Dirt

St. Ivan The Terrible - Tax Day

Tha Joint ft. Josiah The Gift - THAT Nigga

 D.V. Alias Khryst interview

D.V. Alias Khryst - XCVII (Ninety Seven Remix)

D.V. Alias Khryst - New Day

D.V. Alias Khryst - Refuse

 D.V. Alias Khryst interview con't.

D.V. Alias Khryst - Sacrifice

Vinnie Paz & Tragedy Kahdafi ft. Iron Sheikh & Agallah - Canaans Bracelet (Remix)

Hus Kingpen & Grimm Doza - Pool Sticks

Eto & Superior ft. Daniel Son - The Count

Agallah - Streets Ain't Faithful

Norm Regular &  Fith - Laboratory 5

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Leviathan Axe

Estee Nack & Flashius Clayton - Exclusive!

E Jake - Swordfish

O-Seven ft. Kasim Allah - Aura

Minx Interview & In-Studio Performance

RJ Payne - Bigger Picture

Redrum - Barn Fire

Ca$ablanca ft. Jamal Gasol - That Talk!!!

Koncept - Floors

Asun Eastwood & Finn - Papa P

Final Shoutouts

4-9-19: Skratcher NYC, Vital Grounds



Quarter Inch Kings - Products of My Past

Anthony Large ft. Quelle Chris & Denmark Vessey - Caviar & Sardines (ERFBW)

Dis MissedFit - Under the Weather

Wildelux - Black Mirror

Intellect - Then There Was Two

Meph Luciano & Ca$sablanca - Nitro

Epik1 ft. Akbar - Strangers In Space

Josiah The Gift - Box With God

Aye Wun - Pio Pio

Dray Yard ft. General Back Pain, Killy Shoot, Deuce Hennessy, King Coldpack, Lord Luminous, Dot-Com Intellegence & All Hail YT - Usual Suspects

Black Geez ft. Eto, Klass Murda & 38 Spesh - Few More Holes

The Dopplegangaz - Coffin Nails

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas ft. Vinnie Paz - Russo's On The Bay

Awon - Easy on Yourself

Crotona P & Volatile - N-Gage

Skratcher NYC Interview

Bubu The Prince - Pull Up

VVS Verbal - Heaven Sent (prod. by Juxx Diamondz)

Diabolic & Vanderslice ft. Nems - See the Light

Cavalier ft. Koncept Jack$on - VMC Studio Sessions 001

VRN Hayes - Take It There

Bodybag Ben ft. Rome Streetz Daniel Son & Rigz - God Knowledge

Chelsea Reject - Anxiety

Vital Grounds Interview

Sully Nomad - Shark Bag

Tha God Fahim & Stack Skrilla - Dump City

Conway - E.I.F.

Lord Juco ft. Falconcrest - Bun Dem

Final Shoutouts

4-2-19: O The Great, Emma Lee, Truth



Sean Strange - Peppers & Eggs (Prod. By Erick Sermon)

A-God & Brutal Caesar - Mirror Studies

Jay Holly - Rare Gem

Choosey & Exile ft. Devaughn - Black Beans

Quelle Chris - PSA Drugfest 2003 (Sleeveless Minks)

DJ Muggs & Mach-Hommy ft. Your Old Droog - Mami Wata

Lord Nez - Jamaica Queens

Agallah & Dirty Diggs ft. Eto & Milano Constantine - Uncharted Deep

Planit Hank ft. Benny The Butcher & MOP - What Happened To The Street

Loveboat Luciano ft. Flee Lord - Violation

Madhattan - LivelyHood

O The Great Interview

O The Great - Champion Degree

Alpha Magneto (Alphabetic, O The Great & Shadow Magnetic) - Chapter Nine

O The Great Interview con't.

O The Great - Sorcery

Shadow Magnetic & O The Great - Lest Ye Be Judged

Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez - Nervous

Snowgoons ft. Ill Conscious, Jay Nice & Fredro Starr - Golden Era

SageInfinite ft. JuneLyfe - Water

Benny The Butcher, Che Noir & Klass Murda - Business As Usual (prod. by 38 Spesh)

Snowgoons ft. Nine & Ruste Juxx - Dragon Blood

MED & Guilty Simpson - Ice Service

Emma Lee Interview

Emma Lee - Emma Ya

Emma Lee - Rappin Romance

Chuck Chan ft. Deuce Hennesy - Talking Shit

Killy Shoot & Free Mind - Separation

Jamal Gasol ft. Rigz & Mooch - Study Long Study Wrong

Flea & Marv - Say Hello

Eto & Superior - Fortune

A.G. & Cuns - Get the Feeling

Blanxx ft. Rome Streetz - Fly Zone

Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez ft. Skanks - Sounds Like The Villains

Kyanite ft. Dirty Sanchez - She Wanna Roll

FLEEMRKT (Bub Styles x ARXV) - 5 n Up

Cocareef & Wavy Da Ghawd ft. Vinny Vindetta - Lyrical LayBack Kill

Truth Interview

Truth - Mic Like Boom

Truth ft. Tragedy Khadafi - TNT (Truth & Tragedy)

Truth Interview con't.

3-26-19: Blaq Poet, DJ Nelson



Cayoz Da Emcee & Mic Handz - Not Hiding

Truth ft. Tragedy Khadafi - TNT (Truth & Tragedy)

Certain.Ones ft. Killy Shoot - Carved in Smoke

Napoleon Da Legend & Giallo Point - Michelin Star

Tha Soloist - Let The Beat Breathe (Sun Still Shines)

RJ Payne - Drums of War

Da Flyy Hooligan - Weed Smoke II (Gold 420)

Beatnick Dee & Pheo ft. Blu & John Williamson - Monaco

NCL-TM ft. Sleep Sinatra - T.W.K.B. (The Worls Keeps Buring)

O The Great - Sorcery

Foul Mouth ft. Bang Belushi, Ketchp & Bub Rock - For The One Time

Dirt Platoon, Ill Conscious & Guy Grams - Heavyweight Rhyme Writers

Blaq Poet Interview

Blaq Poet - F.O.H.

Blaq Poet - Declare War

Diabolic & Vanderslice - Think of That

Chris Orrick - Liquor Store Hustle

Madhattan - Madness

Maverick Montana &  Hobgoblin ft. Rigz - Kill A Man

CrosRime$ (Crosby & Noah Rime$) - Until I Cant

Stik Figa & Rob Viktum ft. Ty Farris - Homesick

Quelle Chris - Obamacare

Da Buze Bruvaz ft. AlcaChaz da Head Scalpa - Metallic Threadz

Mak P ft. K. Burns & Sauce Heist - Triple Threat

A.G. & Cuns - When it Rains it Pours

Recognize Ali ft. Lyric Jones & Tristate - Chaingunners

Duffel Bag Hottie ft. Lik Moss - Heavy Cost

General Back Pain & Onaje Jordan - Panavision

DJ Nelson Interview & Set

Flee Lord ft. Benny the Butcher - Butcher Lords

Rigz & Chup - Roach Spray

Chris Crack - They Killed Dr. Sebi

Final Shoutouts

3-19-19: Bobby J From Rockaway, Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon), Mark Jacobson & William Cooper



Tha God Fahim - Monday Morning

Marlon Craft - Do The Work (prod. by Marco Polo)

Tru Trilla, Prince Ak & Akbar - Spit That (cuts by DJ Eclipse)

RJ Payne ft. Daniel Son - The Cookup

Jack Jones ft. Prince Po & Spectac - Ghost in a Shell

Reel Wolf ft. Ruste Juxx, General Steele, Sars Kuma, Ghettosocks, Chris Rivers & Intell - Death Squad

The Bullies (Denmark Vessey, Drx Quinnx & Azarias) - Cop An O

Little Vic - Roy Demeo (prod by Erick Sermon)

Zeke (Gery Sky Appeal) ft. Rhinoceros Funk & Greezi Amin - Thought You Were Real

Snowgoons ft. K-Prez - Exquisite

John Jigg$, M.O.UF & Rockwelz - Mxnxpxly Family Freestyle

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Whiteowl & Yahzeed) - Bombing Devils

Wildelux - Election Year

Bobby J From Rockaway Interview

Bobby J From Rockaway - Walter White (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Bobby J From Rockaway ft. Kwame - The Return

Bobby J From Rockaway Interview con't.

Bobby J From Rockaway - Let Me Breathe

Bugsy H  ft. Termanology - Letter To Myself Part 2

Moemaw Naedon & Phalo Pantoja ft. Kon Sci of Mindsone - Upstairs

Jamil Honesty & Free Mind - Higher Learning

Bumpy Knuckles - BEaTbOdYa

Ill Bill ft. Goretex - Hulk Meat

Ca$ablanca ft. Killy Shoot - Ski (The World Is Mine)

Truth - Mic Like Boom (Cuts By PF Cuttin)

El Camino ft. Meyhem Lauren - Too Grimey For The Radio

Planit Hank ft. Mall Grime - 80's & 90's

Left Lane Didon - Get Well Oladi

 Mark Jacobson & William Cooper Interview

Phybaoptikz & Giallo Point ft. Rome Streetz - Payback

Natural Elements - We All Kings

D. Brash & Big Ghost Ltd. - E.S.R.

Conway The Machine, Busta Rhymes & Aaron Cooks - Ghost Musik

Raf Almighty Interview

Raf Almighty - Careers

Raf Almighty ft. Snook Da Crook - Stick Up Kids

3-12-19: Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Comet, Prossess



Jamal Gasol - Go Cop My Shit! (Freestyle)

TNT - Corner Store BS

Sir Backhand Jones ft. Cam Bank$ - The Blast '19

Fat Pockets - The Contender

The Real Skitso - Fatherless Child

SageInfinite - Juiced New Jack

Phalo Pantoja & Moemaw Naedon ft. Homeboy Sandman - Master Of The Masks

Definite Mass ft. Blu - Breakdown

Aye Wun - Nilla Wafers

Scienz of Life ft. Eloh Kush - Proper Planning

David & Goliath (King Magnetic & GQ Nutin Pretty) - Kut One

Sleep Sinatra - Dusk 2 Dawn (prod by SCVTTERBRVIN)

Realio Sparkzwell ft. Tone Spliff - From The Heart

Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis & B. Dolan) - Hedges

Certain.Ones - Ultra

Lisaan'dro - M.A.D.E OUT NOW!

Comet Interview

Blaq Poet, Comet & G.O.D. Pt. 3 - Sunness

Comet ft. Cormega - Drones

Comet Interview con't.

Comet ft. Blaq Poet & L.I.F.E. Long - Echos

Scienz of Life ft. John Robinson, Eloh Kush & Glorious - Success

Bub Rock - Kinda Girl

Borvoe McMidnite - Irreplaceable

Dax Mpire (Narcotechs) ft. Chino XL - Justice For All (Remix)

Kid Vishis - The Return Of The Mack

Billy Danze Interview

Billy Danze - Halley Berry

Billy Danze  ft. Fame & Teflon - Ain't Gone Do Shit

Certain.Ones - Clanarcy

Sindian & Dirty Diggs - Team Body Bag

Duffle Bag Hottie, Benny The Butcher & Che Noir - War Wounds

VINO ft. Rigz - Double Up

Prossess Interview

Prossess & Ransom Notes ft. Ruste Juxx - Horns of War

Prossess & Ransom Notes ft. Amanda Rose - Goin' Thru It

Prossess Interview con't.

Prossess & Ransom Notes ft. DJ Charlie Chase - Infinity Lessons (Cold Crush Brothers)

Prossess & Ransom Notes ft. Illa Ghee & DJ Qeys - Heightened

Final Shoutouts

3-5-19: The Legion, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Blockhead



Bronx Slang - Run Away Sucker

Masta Ace & Marco Polo - E.A.T.

Sleep Sinatra & Meta - Stone & Steel

Frankie V ft. Ren Thomas - How To Do This

Wolfhead - Green Light

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. Assassin - Bandana

K.A.A.N. - Kyst

Recognize Ali & C-Lance - God Of Doom (cuts by Tone Spliff)

Dope Knife - Grumpy Old Man

CRIMEAPPLE ft. Daniel Son - Elm Street

Big Bob ft. Psycho Les & Sadax X - Two Strains

Rome Streetz & Futurewave - N.Y. Do Or Die Slogan

Ras Kass, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Edo. G & Fokis - A Good Year

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Grimey

Blockhead Interview

Blockhead ft. Homeboy Sandman - Deeperstill

Blockhead ft. Aesop Rock - Kiss The Cook

Gee Dubs & LEX - Leave It Alone

Bodega Bamz - DDP

Rim & Bubba Rock - Rockim (Game 1)

DJ Nugz ft. El Camino & DJ Ease - Field Trip

Don Streat ft. Revalation (EMS) - Slam The Door

DJ Muggs & Eto ft. Meyhem Lauren - Last Supper

Truth ft. Royal Flush & Tragedy - Extreme Measures (prod. & cuts by PF Cuttin)

Sha Hef - ShootOuts

Prince Po Interview

Certain.Ones - Ultra

Alphabetic, Shadow Magnetic & O The Great - Chapter 10

Chong Wizard ft. Killa Kali Planet Asia & Rosati - The Kryptonians

Billy Danze ft. Lil Fame & Teflon - Ain't Gone Do Shit

Con$piracy - I Seen It (prod. by Tha God Fahim)

Apokalips The Archangel & DJ M1 - Escape From New York

Fith ft. Supreme Cerebral - Muerte

The Legion Interview

The Legion - 1980 Something

The Legion ft. Droopy Dog - Heard We Quit

The Legion Interview con't.

2-26-19: Ras Beats, Rahiem (The Furious Five), Jamal Gasol



DJ Madsol Desar ft. The Last Emperor - Play It Loud

Snowgoons ft. Shadez Of Brooklyn & Fokis - Blessings

Vstylez ft. Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Nolan The Ninja & Boog Brown - Detropolis Redux (prod. by Pete Rock)

Nolan The Ninja ft. Jaye Prime - Oranges

Taiyamo Denku - Jigsaw

Napoleon Da Legend & Sproxx - Gut Check

Fresh Daily - Dope Hat (Hopedat)

Billy Danze (M.O.P.) - Halle Berry

Willie The Kid & DUS - Jewelry

Rim ft. Ty Farris & Bubba Rock - No Hook Fuck Peter Pan

NCL-TM ft. Sully Nomad, Pro Zay, Mak P & Fast Life - The Four Hoursemen

Frank Knight - Dope Dime Shorty

Prop Dylan ft. Supastition - If I Could

P General ft. Shatike & Skanks - Buck One

Jay NiCE ft. Marty & RUSH - Greek Tragedy '74

Ras Beats Interview

Ras Beats ft. John Jigg$ - And I Say

Ras Beats ft. Vic Spencer - Compensated Confidence

Ras Beats Interview con't.

Ras Beats ft. Sully Nomad - Iron Shiek Boots

Ras Beats ft. Surpreme Cerebral - Dart Brigade

N.B.S. & Planet Asia - Chain Vets

Innocent? & Stan Da Man - No. 28

Hus Kingpin ft. SmooVth - Supremacy

Asun Eastwood - Intro (That Fire)

Blu & Oh No - Pop Shots

Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez - Carnage

All Hail Y.T. & Str8 Bangaz - Lifes ills

Rahiem (The Furious Five) Interview

Magno Garcia - Nicodemus

Recognize Ali & Icon Curties ft. Eto - Savages Know

ToneyBoi ft. FastLife - 2 Minute Drill

Jamal Gasol Interview

Jamal Gasol - Round And Round

2-19-19: DMT, Rome Streetz



DJ Boo ft. Self Suffice & Mikal Amin - Plus

John Creasy & Ol Man 80zz - The Bull

Seven Spherez & Genezis ft. Sean Strange & DJ TMB - BrimStone

Greezi Amiin - Duck Down!!!

Anthony Cruz (Natural Elements) - Stargate Blackhole

Street Life & Method Man ft. Havoc - Squad Up

M-Dot ft. Rapper Big Pooh - The Beginning

Yamin Semali - Immortal

LEX - Boycott

Bobby J From Rockaway - Let Me Breathe

Villain Park - Cold Game

Bodega Bamz ft. Eto, Axel, Flee Lord, JR Writer & Joell Ortiz - YOLA

DMT Interview

Yellow Balaclava & JPR Beatz ft. Enox - Saloon Savage (Where I’m From)

Napoleon Da Legend - Source Magazine

Carter P. - MSNBC (My Story Needs Better Clarity)

Agallah - The Search For Better

CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah - (Post Credits Scene)

R.O.T. (Revenge of the Truence - As Above So Below

B-Boy Mansini & Banish Habitual - Sweep The Leg

Stress ft. P.Genz - 187 on Love

Rome Streetz Interview 

Papoose - God MC

Deuce Hennessy & Farma Beats - The Way It Goes

DJ Muggs & Eto - Holy Wine

A-Minus - Last Stage

Meyhem Lauren & The Alchemist - Still Playing Celo

Innocent? & Stan Da Man - No.16.5

Breeze Brewin - Gotta Love It

Final Shoutouts

2-12-19: Neek The Exotic, Rockwellz



Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Garage Talk

Papoose ft. DJ Premier - Numerical Slaughter

Mars Hall - My Sound

DJ Madsol Desar ft. Esoteric & Bobby J From Rockaway - Stay

Aliano - Hysteria

Unicorn Don - M.A.S.S Device

Smif N Wessun ft. Musiq SoulChild & Rapsody - Ocean Drive

Chuuwee & Farazi - iLL

Solo For Dolo ft. Fatboi Sharif - Invasion of Tha Talking Heads

Supreme Cerebral ft. Estee Nack, O The Great & Alphabetic - Vintage Kings

Sean Price & Small Professor ft. Rock, Illa Ghee & DJ Revolution - Think About It

DJ Enyoutee & Zagnif Nori ft. Bad Seed & Milano Constantine - Iron Rations

Rim - Caught Sleepin

SmooVth - Dirk Diggler

Rob Cave & The Other Guys - Lets Gets Moneys

Haze & Farma Beats - Rap & Bullshit

Neek The Exotic Interview

Neek The Exotic ft. Bumpy Knuckles - OG Season

Neek The Exotic - Hell Up In Queens (prod. by Q Tip)

CRIMEAPPLE & DJ Skizz - Skeleton Key

WateRR & Farmabeats ft. Ty Farris - N.I.T.V.

Rahiem Supreme - Lucky Lefty

Innocent? & StanDaMan - No.17 (28 days)

Buckwild ft. Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Big Pun & Joe Reef Hustle - Fire

Asun Eastwood - Disposal

Marco Polo & Planit Hank ft. Styles P, Conway & Lil Fame - Finish Him (Remix)

Dirty Sanchez & YL - Buttasoul

Wavy Da Ghawd, Bub Rock & Spoda - Walk & Talk

Kota the Friend ft. Chelsea Reject - Blue

Rockwellz Interview

Demrick - The Difference

ILL Conscious & Code Nine - The Coronation

Banish Habitual ft. Nowaah the Flood - Screaming to the Sky

Innocent? & StanDaMan - No.6 (28 days)

Falconcrest & Camoflauge Monk - Leaky Blow Up Mattresses

Jamal Gasol ft. Jay NiCE - True Stories

Westside Gunn ft. Benny & Flee Lord - Niggas In Puerto Rico

Final Shoutouts

2-5-19: John Jigg$, Kala



Rhinoceros Funk ft. Preachermann - Stomp Yoo Feets

Blu & Oh No - The Lost Angels Anthem

Eclyse - Winter Heat

Third Eye Merchants ft. Ruste Juxx & King Magnetic - Shoot To Kill

Kyle Rapps - Strangest Things

Slim One ft. Chris Rivers & Termanology - Just Do It

070 Phi - Love is Love

38 Spesh - Dark Nights

Toney Boi & Asun Eastwood - Burning Slugs

Magno Garcia & Deuce Hennessy - Bonafide

Klumsy Phill ft. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - Scam the World With My Instagram Bitch

Him Lo (Da Buze Bruvaz) & Giallo Point - Heisman Trophy

Dantian Collective - Go Getta

Che Grand - Black (A Lot)

Fashawn, Nas & Ezri - Apostles

Conspiracy ft. Yozke & T.P. - LA Commission

DJ Enyoutee & Zagnif Nori - Death Pool

The Legion ft. Beneficence & Dres - Make It Hot

Kala Interview

P.Genz - Run It Up

Innocent? & Stan Da Man - No.11

Jay Royale & Supreme Cerebral - Roddy Piper

Da Flyy Hooligan - Pure Money 4's

SCVTTERBRVIN ft. Squeegie-O - Paranoid Hallucinations

SageInfinite ft. Ralphiie Reese - Ridin Out

Obnoxious & Savy D - Can't Leave

Josiah The Gift - The Passion

Jabee ft. Donwill, Runt & Stik Figa - Angel Spit

G.O.D. Pt. 3 & Twiz The Beat Pro ft. Prodigal Sunn & Born Divine - Glass House

Rigz - Still Big L (Prod. Milano Constantine)

Shadow Magnetic & O The Great - Lest Ye Be Judged

Lord Cartel ft. Smoke DZA - The Hit

John Jigg$ Interview

John Jigg$ - Find a Way

John Jigg$ - Gutter Ball

John Jigg$ Interview con't.

Butterknife Haircuts ft. John Jigg$, Napoleon Da Legend & Coke - Wilson W. Wilson

Jay NiCE & The Historian - Money OD

MindFrame ft. eNox & Madhattan - Hopeless

Final Shoutouts

1-29-19: Eloh Kush & Ray West, Innocent?, Finn



ButterKnife Haircuts ft. Napoleon Da Legend - 5 Mill

Seekz One & Whiteowl - Hold My Beer

Third Eye Merchants ft. El Da Sensei - Break It Down

Comet ft. Tragedy Kahdafi - Pinhead

The Heatmakerz, Joell Ortiz & Fred The Godson - Move the Crowd

Kyo Itachi & Haile Ali - Black Ninjutsu

Top Notch ft. F.O.D & Skanks - Snake Scorchers

Sean Price & Small Professor ft. AG Da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog - John Gotti

Grim Moses - Labor Pains

Snowgoons ft. Ill Bill, Nems, Sicknature, Nocturnal & DJ illegal - Goon Infantry

David Bars & Showbiz - City Don’t Sleep

Obnoxious - Natural Born ILLA

Passport Rav - Fahwahd

Lupus Dei - The Process

Certain.Ones - Opposable Thumbs

Eloh Kush & Ray West Interview

Eloh Kush & Ray West ft. Glorious & ID4windz - Flashing Cherries

Eloh Kush & Ray West Interview con't.

Tedy Andreas - Dynasties

V Don, Willie The Kid & Eto - Closed Ceremony

RJ Payne ft. O.C. - Appleton & Peretti

Kyo Itachi & Haile Ali - Walk The Land

Yellow Balaclava ft. iKing & Kheyzine - The .10 Gauge Ballad

Realio Sparkzwell - Andale

Grim Moses - Forgotten Son

Ton3sk33 & MaxJulian - Workout

Innocent? Interview

Akbar - Assata’s House

Verbal McMahon - Royal Rumble

Rick Hyde ft. Benny The Butcher - No Seat Belts

Bub Rock ft. Ty Farris, Codenine & Rome Streetz - Dunk Contest 88

Finn Interview

Daniel Son & Finn ft. Rome Streetz - Foreign Chauffer

Finn ft. Raspy, Daniel Son & Saipher Soze - Deadlines

Final Shoutouts

1-22-19: Eff Yoo, The Good People, Maxo



ButterKnife Haircuts ft. Ruste Juxx VVS Verbal & Rockness Monsta - The Ideal

Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature - Return Of The Kaiju

AZ - It's Time

Madhattan Mayor - FICO Score

Grand Surgeon FT. St. Laz - Brooklyn Bars

Bobby J From Rockaway ft. Kwame - The Return

Nivek.B ft. Ancient Soundz, Dimerime & Last Born Child - Loaded Barz

Freddie Black - Best I Got (prod and cuts by Tone Splif)

Midcentury Modern ft. Evitan, Dres (Black Sheep) & Jarobi (ATCQ) - Mad Men

Quelle Chris - Brain Of The Ape [Gangster Music Vol. 1)

183rd & Smoke DZA ft. Vado - Major

SONNYJIM & Vic Spencer - Easy Task

Dantian Collective ft. Planet Asia - Paper

Maxo Interview

Maxo - Time

Maxo Interview con't.

Napoleon Da Legend - BKLYN

B Leafs ft. Elzhi Ras Kass M-Dot & Large Pro - Reaganomics

Planit Hank ft. Canibus, Chris Rivers & Kool G Rap - The Omen (Evil Dee Remix)

Al.divino - Early!

O The Great & Jamil Honesty - Armoury

Eloh Kush & Ray West ft. Glorious & ID4windz - Flashing Cherries

38 Spesh - Fifth Shot

The Good People Interview

The Good People - Headphones

The Good People - Self-Destruct

The Good People Interview con't.

The Good People ft. DJ C-Reality - Down Here

KingIkeem - 187

Estee Nack x Ice Lord - UNATONABLESINS

CRIMEAPPLE & MichaelAngelo - Langosta

SageInfinite & Ro Data ft. Hus Kingpin, Ty Farris & El Ay - 3rd Degree

Eff Yoo Interview 

Eff Yoo & Kurse - Saks Fifth Avenue

Eff Yoo & Kurse - Saturn's Rings

Eff Yoo Interview con't.