10-01-19: Starvin B, Carta P



CJ Fly ft. Joey Bada$$ - Rudebwoy

Code Nine & Billy Loman ft. Jay Royale & Rim - Tabi Boots

Mic Bles & Agent Purple X - Shots Fired

Ruste Juxx - Understand

Undeniable - Travon

DLP ft. Grand Puba, Rah Digga, Sadat X & Rampage - Ain't Nothin Like

Big Turks (Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol & Lord Juco) ft. Solomon Childs & Chong Wizard - Lionman

Dray Yard ft. Apokalips The Archangel, Dan Johns, Brother Most, Rafeese, Blue Legacy & Cayoz Da Beast - Flight USA Belarus

Comet & DJ TMB - Grimey Cloth

Mastah Melo ft. Kwaj - Carharrt

Chuck Cross ft. Skyzoo, Ty Farris & Mic Todd - C.S.T.M.

Krum, Theory Hazit & Denmark Vessey - Vaseline

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Live & Direct (Prod. by Stan Da Man)

Page Kennedy ft. OT The Real, Che Noir, Daylyt, Fatt Father, Kuniva & RJ Payne - Game Of Bars

Starvin B Interview

Starvin B & Discourse ft. Foul Monday - Stovetop

Starvin B Interview con't.

Starvin B & Disclosure ft. Chinky QB - Forever Queens

Mr. Hyde ft. Termanology, Poison Pen & Mando the DJ - NC17 Rap

Dixon Hill & Guilty Simpson - My Word

Big Cousin ft. Evidence - Bleed Respect (Prod Nottz)

38 Spesh ft. Benny The Butcher & Conway - Never Seen A Man

Jae Hussle & Kidd Called Quest - Time After Time

Relentless The Tangible - 1st Strike Bloodsport

Eto - The Offering

Sharp ft. Tha God Fahim - Marathon

Scott G - Free The Members

Carta P Interview

Supreme Cerebral ft. Eto - Survival

Mirta ft. Fly Anakin & GRT SCTT - Acca

Carta P Interview

Carta P & DJ Parental - MSNBC (My Story Needs Better Clarity)

Carta P Interview con't.

9-24-19: XP The Marxman, Gary Camp, M.A.S.



Eloh Kush & John Robinson ft. Giffy Da God - Aura Dart

Consequence ft. Conway - Complex Con

Sultan Mir ft. Tha Soloist & DJ Eclipse - Emerge

Shabaam Sahdeeq & J57 - Steady Pace

Big Kahuna OG - Kissing On The Jewelry

Skyzoo & Pete Rock ft. Styles P - Carry The Tradition

Wiki - Eggs (Produced by Madlib)

Gang Starr ft. J. Cole - Family and Loyalty

Andy Ahmed - Grind

Certain.Ones ft. Fred Ones - Over Easy

O The Great - Masterpiece Disaster

Legit Easy - JazzMatic

King Shampz - Supply and Demand

Gary Camp Interview

Leaf Erikson - D.R.E.A.M.

Skyzoo & Pete Rock - Homegrown

Jason Famous Beats ft. Feral Serge & Reign Supreme - Cloud City

Timepiece ft. Lisaan'Dro - Much Better

Taj Mahal - L.I.F.E.

Starvin B & Discourse - Pick Your Poison

Verbal Kent & Halfcut ft. UG - The Legacy

Spoda - The Hope (Freestyle)

Positive K - X-Clusive

Chuck Cross ft. Conway, Ty Farris & El Camino - I Choose You (I Knew)

Agallah ft. Yatzee Yates - Live At Your Own Risk

K.A.A.N. & Ski Beats - Test of Will

John Jigg$ & Swab ft. Recognize Ali - Playin Wit Fire

XP The Marxman Interview

XP the Marxman & IceRocks ft. Roc Marciano - Open Doors

XP the Marxman & IceRocks ft. Big Twins - Steel Hearts

XP the Marxman Interview con't.

XP the Marxman & IceRocks ft. Supreme Cerebral - Shrunken Heads

O The Great - Peter Quill

CRIMEAPPLE & MichaelAngelo - On The Menu

Solo For Dolo & Don Producci - Ice Rules

M.A.S. Interview

Greezi Amin - Domestic Violence

Five Steez & J-Zen ft. Nomad Carlos - Spesh FX

Final Shoutouts

9-17-19: Terror Van Poo, Yellow Balaclava, Thunny Brown



Billy Danze ft. Fue - Show Me

Napoleon Da Legend - Nanto Sei Ken

DJ Tekwun & Craig G - The Meaning

Godbliss - Taste Of Heaven

Big Flip Papi ft. Ricky Bats - Mama Luv Cry

Stu Bangas ft. LMNO & J. Rocc (The Beat Junkies) - The Gig Is Up

Stalley - All So New

Magno Garcia, King Author, Awful P, Lotus, Juice Mega, Darkstar, Zagnif Nori & Louie Sincere - Super GP100 (Amen Remix)

Dis MissedFit ft. King Los - Get Down

Infinite Bey - Moor Fiyah

Jamil Honesty - Ain't Nothin'

ScienZe - 125th

O The Great - Star Lord Peter Quill

Danny Brown - Best Life

Certain.Ones - Yams

V Zilla & Recognize Ali - Addict Flow

Terror Van Poo Interview

Terror Van Poo ft. Leanah Cane - Beastie Boys (prod. by Vinny Idol)

Terror Van Poo - New York Stink Face (prod. by Vinny Idol)

staHHr - Chest Piece

Seven Da Pantha - Da Price

Chuck Chan & General Backpain - Lo Ball Shit

Blue November - Hurricane Flows

Termanology & Dame Grease - Haunting Dreams

Awful P, Snotty, Nino Graye & Magno Garcia - Pepperbox

Th1rt3en (Pharoahe Monch, Daru Jones and Marcus Machado) - Palindrome

WiN - Wassup

Flee Lord & Eto ft. 38 Spesh - Roc Connectin

Coltrane ft. Benny the Butcher & El Camino - Gucci Scales

Apollo Brown ft. Black Milk, Ketchphraze & DJ Los - God Help Me

Indigo Phoenyx feat. Innocent? & Fame - Straight Up

Clipping. ft. Benny The Butcher & El Camino - La Mala Ordina (WithThe Rita)

G4 Jag & Rob Dinero - OutSide

Robert Deniro ft. Eto - Crack

Dark Lo & Rigz - Cheat Code

Conway the Machine - Hawks

Yellow Balaclava Interview

XP the Marxman & IceRocks ft. Roc Marciano - Open Doors

Yellow Balaclava ft. MuggzOnDrugz (R.O.T.) - Show You Blood

Thunny Brown Interview/Final Shoutouts

8-27-19: Southern Vanguard Radio, Bugsy H, Lak



Savage Messiah, Zesto, Masai Bey, E. Coli & L.I.F.E. Long - Steamy

Dre Nitty - Same Way

Guy Grams & Raf Almighty - Consiglieres

Sqreeb ft. Frank Nitt & Madhi - Let The Horns Blow

J-Live - Plot Twist

G.S. Advance - Cynthia Rothrock

Sareem Poems & Newselph - No Fly Zone

Carta P & Parental - I'm Fly

Yamin Semali ft. J-Live & Supastition - Herd Of Ya'll

Mr. Jack & Apokalips The Archangel - Good Morning

Cloaqxdagger ft. Ruste Juxx & G Fam Black - Body Your Favorite Rapper

Terror Van Poo ft. Leanah Cane - Beastie Boys

Zagnif Nori, Darkstar & King Author - Triple Crown

RJ Payne ft. 38 Spesh - The Smoke

Rapsody ft. Terrace Martin & Battlecat - Aaliyah

Klee MaGoR ft. Ruste Juxx, Psycho Les, ILL BiLL & Big Stretch - Rap Titans

Joell Ortiz - Before Hip-Hop

Carta P - MSNBC

Southern Vanguard Radio Interview

Certain.Ones - Placebo

Ca$ablanca ft. Ray Vendetta - Welcome II The Punch

Magno Garcia & Elements - Child Of The Ghetto

King Coldpack & Free Mind ft. Grand Scheme - Life Flashes (Passing Me By)

Big Bob ft. Mic Handz, Milano Constantine, Sadat X, & LDontheCut - Cause For Concern

Big D ft. Royal Flush, Neek Da Exotic, Percee P - NY Hardcore

TriState & DirtyDiggs - The Collection Plate

Vic Spencer ft. D. Brash - Old Polaroids

Marcel Allen - Arson

Big Turks (Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol & Lord Juco) ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Gods

Cocareef ft. The Real Skitso, Krazy The Real One & Lupus Dei - LA Take Down

Lak Interview

Lak -Harriet-The Conductor

Lak, Capone & Jaq Sparrpw ft. Cheri Pye - Redemption

Lak Interview interview con't.

Nyce, Lak & Jaq Sparrow - God's in the Motive

Tha God Fahim & Grimm Doza - Thin Lines

Louie Sincere & Bankshot ft. Magno Garcia - Elite

Ayun Bassa - BuddyIllanoise & DJ M80 - Preacher

Bugsy H Interview

Bugsy H - Swiss Watches Plastic Cups

Bugsy H ft. Estee Nack - 7-11 With The Stick

Final Shoutouts

8-13-19: 38 Spesh, Preachermann



Pep Love - Waitless

Juga-Naut & Giallo Point - Gold Barbells

Divine ScienZe (ScienZe & King I Devine) - Champagne Problems

Certain.Ones - Bar Room Babble

Jason Famous ft. Nick Dillinger - Versatile Voodoo

Fokis & Oh No ft. Ras Kass - I Believe

Skyzoo & Pete Rock - It's All Good

Alpha Magneto - Rise Of Magnus

Ullnevano - Horace Grant Goggles

Murs, 9th Wonder & The Soul Council - The Hulk

Eddie Kaine ft. Rim - What I Do

Ronnie Alpha & Str8 Bangaz - Pure

Miskeen Haleem & Iron Lungz - Pierre Escargot

Tha God Fahim & Left Lane Didon - Hard Four 2

Sleep Sinatra & Body Bag Ben ft. General Back Pain - Ballads of Sad Men

Sindian & DirtyDiggs ft. Bee Nova - Horse Play

38 Spesh Interview

38 Spesh ft. Benny The Butcher - Play For Keeps

38 Spesh - Purple Lotus

Rakim Al-Jabbaar - The Antidote (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Anti Lilly ft. Bigg Fatts - The Ecology, Pt. 2

Observe Since '98 ft. El Camino, Juga-Naut & Jamil Honesty - Money In The Bag

Tristate & DirtyDiggs - Digital Diary (prod. by Oh No)

Sauce Walka ft. Maino - From a City

Jus One & DJ Static - F#$ WHATYOU HERD

Kryme Life - Choppin' Blox

Juxx Diamondz & The Bad Seed - Nostalgic

Flee Lord & 38 Spesh ft. Termanology - Not For Fashion

Preachermann Interview

Bub Styles & Dot Demo - Keep My Name Out Ya Boca

$ha Hef - 40 Nights

Final Shoutouts

Ras Kass ft. Immortal Technique - White Power

8-6-19: G4 Jag, Deacon Strange & Pauly Walnuts (WKCR 89.9 FM)



Ruste Juxx - It's Going On Now

Ras Kass - Grammy Speech (prod. by Diamond D)

Alpha Magneto - Secret Wars

A-F-R-O - MADFRO (prod. by Madlib)

Tha God Fahim - Location State Of Mind (Prod By Earl Sweatshirt)

Rapsody ft. D'Angelo & GZA - IBTIHAJ (prod. by 9th Wonder)

Deca & Neon Brown - Wendigo

Celph Titled - Paragraphs of Murder

Sir Diggy ft. AG Da Coroner, Ruste Juxx, Nickel Plated - Illest Ever Made (Remix)

Tayyib Ali - Never Get Enough

Prestigous - Bullet Proof Ideas

O The Great ft. Killy Shoot & General Back Pain - Thoro To Euros (Prod. Onaje Jordan)

Ras Kass ft. Immortal Technique - White Power

Deacon Strange & Pauly Walnuts Interview

Diabolic - Carlton Banks (Jus Allah RIP)

Yellow Balaclava & Kheyzine ft. MuggzOnDrugz, Lughz & Micah Write - Cancel The Contract

Ty Farris ft. Fame & 38 Spesh - Came a Long Way

Onyx ft. Illa Ghee, Left Lane Didon & Jay NiCE - Lyrical Boxing

Vino ft. Benny the Butcher - Omega

Taiyamo Denku ft. Afu-Ra - Swordplay

Skanks The Rap Martyr (Bankai Fam) - Gipsy Dance (prod. by Kyo Itachi)

DJ Mercilless ft. Benny The Butcher, Dreadpool, Asun Eastwood, Jr Cat & RJ Payne - Dead U A Guh Dead

G.S. Advance ft. Bliss & Cleopatra Jones - Emerald Ninja Stars

Ca$ablanca - Gun In The Airport (Prod. Kyo Itachi)

The Other Guys ft. Tedy Andreas, Rob Cave, & Von Pea - Summer In Analog

Recognize Ali - Colombian Marijuana

Mo Rukuz ft. Ren Thomas - Boondocks Saints

Madhattan & Fastlife - Duck Szn

Jamil Honesty ft. Snotty - We Outchea

G4 Jag Interview

Cocareef ft. Pro Zay & Bobby Craves (Certain.Ones) - 1979

ANKHLEJOHN ft. Rome Streetz - Paul Janseen

G4 JAG ft. Jamal Gasol - On the Corner

Final Shoutouts

7-30-19: Charlie Cruz, Spoda, Randy Mason



Bahamadia - We Here

Undeniable - Vivid Master

Napoleon Da Legend - Ikki The Phoenix

M-Dot & G-Dot - Connect The Dots

Bobby J From Rockaway - Blue Eyed Soul (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

Jason Famous Beats ft. Innocent? - I Continue

L.I.F.E. Long - Surveillance

Avrex ft. No Malice - Step Into The Light

Nature & BP ft. Tragedy Khadafi & The Hoodies - Still Don't Give A Fuck

The Real Skitso ft. Toney Boi - Get My Thug On

Supastition ft. Blueprint - Someday Soon

Ill Bill & Sunday ft. Vinnie Paz - Debbie Abono

Charlie Cruz Interview

Charlie Cruz - Corner Store Deli

Charlie Cruz - Back To The Raw

Charlie Cruz Interview con't.

Charlie Cruz - Gutta Music

Donwill ft. Von Pea & Che Grand - Laura's Song Pt. 2

Murs, 9th Wonder & The Soul Council ft. Rapsody & Reuben Vincent - High Noon

Shadow The Great (Loaf Muzik) - Silver Haze

KXNG Crooked - Life Of A Bandana

Da Buze Bruvaz ft. Driz Lo, Billy Penn, Alca & Bitch Ass Nigga - Voltron

Randy Mason Interview

Randy Mason - Get Busy

Randy Mason - Wretched and Welcome

Randy Mason Interview con't.

Randy Mason - I Still Love Her Though

Joell Ortiz - Captain

godBLESSbeatz ft. Flee Lord - Bar Technician

Infinite Bey - Livin'

DJ Muggs & CRIMEAPPLE - Bloodtype

Yellow Balaclava & Onaje Jordan ft. Muggz On Drugz & Tha Red Baron - Chess

Dough Networks & DirtyDiggs ft. 2Eleven - Black Wave Out

38 Spesh & Big Ghost Ltd - Purple Lotus

Spoda Interview

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - Tip Off

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd ft. Rim - 50 Staircase

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - It's Whatever

Final Shoutouts

7-23-19: Thorough, Eloh Kush, Carta P



Pawz One, John Henry & Opio - Head In The Clouds

Nas - Tanasia

Kool Keith - Word Life

The Alchemist & The Cool Kids - Layups

Price Stylez - I'm Around

Dfonk & Smif & Wessun - Spring

VRN Hayes - Ready

Aye Wun - Peace Lord

Zagnif Nori & Castle Money Beats - Untouchable Mindset

Tone Liv & Decay the Llama - Ahead

Juga-Naut & Giallo Point - The Passion

Thorough Interview

Thorough & Crazy Beats P - Distortion

Thorough & Crazy Beats P - Bat Out of Hell

Thorough Interview con't.

Thorough & Crazy Beats P - Ghetto Love

Cory Gunz & David Bars - Like Us

Rawdec - The Product

King Shampz - Coolie High Freestyle

Pedalay The Boss & Autopsy (Red Lotus Klan) - Act

Muja Messiah ft. Ankhlejohn - Headless Horseman

Pounds ft. Flee Lord - 4EVER

Reckonize Real ft. Vic Monroe - Winter Rain

Milano Constantine & Showbiz - Boulevard Author

General Back Pain ft. All Hail Y.T. - Gorrilla Factz

Eff Yoo & G.S. Advance - Toejam & Earl

Anti-Lilly & Phoniks - All We Got Is

Eloh Kush Interview

Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush ft. Planet Asia - Rock Candy

Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush ft. Id4windz - Blue & Cream

Eloh Kush Interview con't.

Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush ft. Glorious, Giffy Da God & Banish Habitual - Crushed Bone Leather

Rome Streetz - World In My Palm

Ol Man 80zz ft. Nowaah The Flood & DNTE - Risk

Ill Conscious - Supreme Soloist

Indigo Phoenyx ft. M.A.V. & eNox - Poseidon Paradox

Carta P Interview

Carta P & Parental - MSNBC (My Story Needs Better Clarity)

Carta P & Parental - I'm Fly

Carta P Interview con't.

7-16-19: Hip Hop Junkie (Mari Torres), DJ Rhino Rick



Dutch Schultz - Back At It

Napoleon Da Legend - Bronze Saints

Gawd Status (King Kashmere & Joker Starr) - Heavy Metal

Bruse Wane ft. Chris Rivers - Keepers Of The Flame

Meta the Great Destroyer & Merlyn - Pontus

Lupus Dei - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Chilo & Mane Event ft. Fathom - 'Bout God and Things

Kennedy Krills ft. Mental da God - SummerTime

Ali Vegas & BP - Black Mamba

Haze & Retrospec - Dust On The Shelf

WateRR - Sunday Breakfast

Lyric Jones & Giallo Point - Fettuccine

Hus Kingpin ft. Estee Nack - Benzomethylecgonine

The Deity & V - Dim Mak Homicide

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - Ahh Shit

Johnny Gunnz & Custom Made ft. Vic Spencer - Box of Shells

Flee Lord & 38 Spesh - Perfect Plate

Bugsy H ft. Estee Nack - 7-11 With the Stick

Hip Hop Junkie Interview

Ralphiie Reese ft. Daniel Son - WTF

Josiah The Gift - Abundance & Prxspect

Rome Streetz - Seziure

Milano Constantine - Chips (prod. by Showbiz)

RU$H & Thadd Williams - Burberry Redemption

Inspectah Deck ft. Trife Diesel - Fire

Dre Cobbs ft. Ch.7 - I Got Ta.

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - Fast Break

Solo For Dolo ft. C-Rayz Walz - High Noon

Taj Mahal ft. Sammy Gezus - Louisxiii

Big Twinz ft. Rigz - Infamous Minded

Agallah - Supamax

DJ Rhino Rick Interview

Crucial The Guillotine ft. Kaotny - Vacant

Certain.Ones - El Gordo

Clark Connoisseurs (Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush) ft. Planet Asia - Rock Candy

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Sophisticated Savage

John Robinson - All City

Final Shoutouts

7-9-19: Thirstin Howl III, Jazzsoon



Sleep Sinatra - Metatron

G.S. Advance - Agartha (prod. by LEX)

ChronILLogical (Stress & DJ Gonz) - Spiritual Awakening

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Fire

Clark Connoisseurs (Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush) ft. Planet Asia - Rock Candy

Buddy, Smino, Cozz, EARTHGANG, JID & J. Cole - 1993

Milano Constantine - Striped bass (prod. by Showbiz)

Grilchy Party & Da Buze Bruvaz ft. Driz Lo, Wook Raw & Sam Malone aka Barstool Ruge - Maddness

All Hail Y.T. & Benji Socrate$ ft. Jay NiCE & Ladyy - Mota

Supastition - Solitaire

K.A.A.N. - Deadline

Daniel Son & Futurewave - Major Mackerel

Mxnxpxly Family - Hush

Reckonize Real ft. Jamal Gasol - No Business Like Dope Business

Vindetta ft. Supreme Cerebral - The Prestige

Ras Kass - F.L.Y. (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - Nosediive

Thirstin Howl III Interview

Thirstin Howl III & Sadat X ft. Rack Lo - Snake Pit

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) ft. DJ R Trane - Ape Punch

M-Dot & Revalation - Jump Start

Apathy - Be My Boo

Al-Doe - Summer Snow

O The Great & Ca$ablanca - Casa Le Grand

Ty Farris & Trox - Say My Name

Westside Gunn ft. Mayhem Lauren, Hologram & Conway - Thousand Shot Mac

Crucial The Guillotine ft. Zagnif Nori - Gold Ornaments

Madhattan & NV - Love Hate

Certain.Ones - El Gordo

ANKHLEJOHN - The Big Lordy

Vic Spencer & The Historian - Still Glorious

Mentplus ft. Blu, Destruct & Donel Smokes - King Of The Kings

Mike Titan ft. IQ - For a Shadow

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Backlash

King Magnetic ft. Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin' Pretty - More Belligerent

Ancient Wind Society Golden Swords, Mr. Ripley, Lord Beatjitzu - Mud on the Blade

Nems - Heavy Metal

Jazzsoon Interview

Nems ft. Al-Doe & Axel Leon - No Reggaeton

Nems ft. Conway - Where You Know Me From

Jazzsoon Interview con't.

7-2-19: P Brothers, Intikana



Kyle Rapps - Eagle

Sofisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Groot

Randy Mason - Get Busy

Ancient Wind Society Golden Swords, Mr. Ripley, Lord Beatjitzu - Mud on the Blade

ScienZe - The Waitress

Napsndreds & The Bad Seed ft. Innocent? - Teddy

Indigo Phoenyx & Mind Frame ft. Jae Hussle - Mallory Knox

C Nature - Get With the Program

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - Everybody

Finale ft. Wordsworth, Supastition & DJ Stresh - Skill Set

Bodega Bamz & Salaam Remi - Bullpen Therapy

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. Yasiin Bey & Black Thought - Education

Uncle John - New Horizon

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - Tip Off

Certain.Ones - Troika

Killy Shoot & Ras Beats - The Grip

P Brothers Interview

Styliztik Jones & Dirty Diggs ft. Planet Asia, TriState & Montage One - Body Doubles

Yellow Balaclava ft. MuggzOnDrugz (R.O.T.) - Show You Blood

Lucky Seven ft. Flee Lord & Skyzoo - Neck Protectors

90 East ft. Haze & Codenine - Mercedes Charm

Eddie Kaine & Rome Streetz - By Any Means

Mach-Hommy - Simbi

Daniel Son & Futurewave ft. Rigz & Rob Gates - More Grabba

Cousin Feo & Lord Juco - Bombs In The Bombonera

Sauce Heist & Ty Da Dale - Satin Kith Shorts

UFO Fev & DJ J Hart - Flow Thug n Harmony

Intikana Interview

6-25-19: AWOL Da Mindwriter, L.I.F.E. Long, Papa Wu



Innocent? ft. Skanks & Sauce Money - Hit Me (prod. by Stan Da Man)

Thirstin Howl The Third & Sadat X ft. Rack Lo - Snake Pit

ANoyd & Statik Selektah - Mama Porch

Mike Titan ft. IQ - For a Shadow

Kanne38 & Fastlife - Noir

Diabolic ft. DJ Eclipse - Holy War

G.S. Advance ft. Tragedy Kahdafi - Marvelous Jewels

Benny The Butcher ft. Black Thought - Crowns for Kings

Sofisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - At The Hotel

Certain.Ones - Water

Bodega Bamz & Salaam Remi - That Guy

The Real Skitso - Marked for Death

Bugsy H - Swiss Watches Plastic Cups

Aye Wun - NY State Is Mine

L.I.F.E. Long Interview

AJ Suede & Lord Olo - For Vendetta

Benny The Butcher ft. 38 Spesh & Jadakiss - Sunday School

Abomination Oner ft. Nino Graye & Drop Dead Grace - No Bodies

Smooth Bee - Betrayal

Milano Constantine - The Gospel (prod. by Buckwild)

AWOL Da Mindwriter Interview

Hadish ft. Eto & SH4MEL - Pulp Fiction

Agallah ft. Yatzee Yates - 400 years

Papa Wu Interview

6-18-19: Planit Hank, Whispers, staHHr, Juxx Diamondz



Scottie Piff - Aerosol Thesis

King Magnetic ft. Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin' Pretty - More Belligerent

V Stylez ft. Elzhi - Jeet Kune Do

Uncle Biz - Dats Whts Up

Taiyamo Denku ft. Ben Buck, Cold Sweat, Manny Phesto & Jantzonia - Breakfast at Denkus

Jamo Gang (Ras Kass, J57 & El Gant) - Francis Scott Key

G.S. Advance ft. Aye Wun, Eff Yoo - Nemesis to the Program

Guilty Simpson & Reckonize Real ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - How It Is

Your Old Droog ft. Wiki - Vigilantes (Remix)

Black Moon - Black Moon Creep Wit Me

AJ Suede & Lord Olo - For Vendetta

Robert Deniro & Miskeen Haleem ft. Iron Lungz & All Hail Y.T. - Stolen Land

John Robinson - All City

O The Great ft. XP The Marks - World Series

Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa - Life

Rock Mecca ft. Smif-N-Wessun - Warlord (Brooklyn Remix)

Planit Hank Interview

Planit Hank ft. Benny The Butcher & MOP - What Happened To The Street

Planit Hank ft. Canibus, Chris Rivers & Kool G Rap - The Omen (Evil Dee Remix)

Planit Hank ft. Jeru The Damaja, Buckshot & AZ - Life In Crooklyn

Ras Kass ft. Fame & Styles P - Guns n Roses

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Sophisticated Savage

Recognize Ali & Free Mind ft. Verbal Kent - Love

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - It's Whatever

Whispers Interview

A.G. ft. Whispers & Cassandra The Goddess - Have It Your Way

Supreme Cerebral - Grimy Type

Jae Hussle ft. Killy Shoot and Indigo Phoenyx - Let Them Know

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Ice Lord - Hiding In Ohio With My Cougar B*tch Who Got That Bag

DNTE ft. Daniel Son, FalconOutlaw & Saipher Soze - Drop Acid

staHHr Interview

staHHr & Crazy DJ Bazarro - Come With The Weak Shit

staHHr - Go Time

staHHr Interview con't.

Tiye Phoenix ft. Queen Herawin & staHHr - Kill Bill 3

Tha God Fahim & Nicholas Craven - Leave Me To My Studies 'Cuz My History Was Tainted

Chuck Chan & Onaje Jordan - Peepholes

Benny the Butcher ft. Pusha T - 18 Wheeler

Juxx Diamondz Interview

Juxx Diamondz & Whip - The Intro

Juxx Diamondz & Whip - F.O.E.

Juxx Diamondz Interview con’t.

6-11-19: Kool Taj The Gr8, Wordsworth & Pearl Gates, DNTE



Sareem Poems - Kick'n It

J57 ft. Exile, Blu, Blame One & Johaz - HaHaHa

Guy Grams ft. King Magnetic - Kidnapped Your Most Loved

Rasheed Chappell & Giallo Point - The Oath

Joell Ortiz & Salaam Remi - Box Talk

Defari & Dirty Diggs - Whatchu Been Up To

Whispers ft. Nems - Golden Era

Kool Keith & Psycho Les - Turn The Levels

The Musalini ft. Flee Lord - Summer In NYC

The Quarter Inch Kings & Seven Da Pantha - Duck Hunt

Cane - At Night Freestyle (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Guy Grams ft. Jay Royale & Supreme Cerebral - The Catalyst

Bruse Wane ft. Papoose - Killa Soundboy

Big Gucci Krow - Look Out (prod. by Thelonious Martin)

LOWFi ft. Jayy Grams, Hayelo, & Von Wilda - Blame On You

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates Interview

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates - Live On Air

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates ft. Syll - Worlds Apart

Jay Boston ft. Conway - 20 Below

Cousin Feo & Dre Mendoza - Batistuta

Freddie Black & Tone Spliff ft. Ed OG - FOE (Flex On Em)

Estee Nack, Al Divino & Icon Curties - Stove Top

Willie The Kid & DUS ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Nectarine (Remix)

RJ Payne & Daringer - Purge

Che Noir ft. 38 Spesh - Dying Breed

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - Fck Boy

Chong Wizard ft. M.A.V. & Rigz - Red, White & Black

Kool Taj The Gr8 Interview

Kool Taj The Gr8 - Handle Bars

Jamal Gasol & Kool Taj The Gr8 - Real Live Shit

Kool Taj The Gr8 Interview con't.

Devan Childs & El Camino - Coolin'

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - Waves on Swim

Big Tone & House Shoes - Exodus (Fly Away)

Left Lane Didon & Jay NiCE - Summer Nights On White Oak

Like (Pac Div) - Sorry Not Sorry

DNTE Interview

DNTE ft. FalconOutlaw - Washing Machine

Final Shoutouts

6-4-19: The Doppelgangaz, Nomad Carlos, Neek The Exotic



Has-Lo & Castle - Look Out!

The Good People ft. MXNXPXLY Family - A Summer Night At The Symphony

Nems - Lil Niggas

Homeboy Sandman - West Coast (prod. by Aesop Rock)

Jay Are (J Rawls & John Robinson) - Interlude 2 (Free Free)

Magno Garcia, King Author, Awful P, Lotus, Juice Mega, Darkstar & Zagnif Nori - GP-100

Certain.Ones - Digital Silence

Solomon Childs & Tone Spliff ft. Inspectah Deck & Realio Sparkzwell - Repersentin' Lovely

Sav Killz ft. Killah Priest, Inspectah Deck & Cappadonna - Engulfed in the Swarm

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - Vegan Chicken Over Rice With My Cougar Bitch Who Look Like Jada Pinkett Smith

Tha Soloist ft. DJ Grazzhoppa - Ghostwriters

Dox Boogie ft. Geechi Suede (Camp Lo) - Popcorn N Porn

Murs & 9th Wonder - Ga$ Station Gucci Belt

Little Vic - Loyalty Electric

The Dopplegangaz Interview

The Dopplegangaz - Coffin Nails

The Dopplegangaz - Have Cloak Will Travel

The Dopplegangaz - Tarantism

Cappo & Senz Beats - Tidal Wave

Ransom & Nicholas Craven - The Reaper's Hood

IE Moe & O The Great - Meditate Strength

Kool Keith ft. Joell Ortiz & B-Real - Zero Fux (Nottz Remix)

Da Spit Club ft. St. Ivan The Terrible, Monotone & De La Torre - Blind Collabs (prod. by Stan Da Man)

Daniel Son & Futurewave - Old Soul

Ton3 Sk33 - Unapologetic

Nomad Carlos Interview

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Leviathan Axe

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Riot

Nomad Carlos Interview con't.

Nomad Carlos & Farma Beats - Facts

RJ Payne - Undertaker

DirtyDiggs ft. Rigz - Cloth Rigz Ya Digg

Nems ft. Al-Doe & Axel Leon - No Reggaeton

Buddy Leezle & Camouflage Monk - Get Out the Way

Ren Thomas & Nef ft. Flee Lord & Termanology - On Site

Neek The Exotic Interview

5-28-19: Pop Da Brown Hornet, Percee P



Jaz-O - Kay Kounty Drumma

Es - The Do Better Challenge

Goose ft. Vic Spencer & Denmark Vessey - Spiked Tito's

Stro - Two More Chances (Freestyle)

MC Bravado, Phlow & Teck Zilla - Hip-Hop

Apokalips The Archangel ft Supreme Sniper & LEX NYRE - Aggression

Jay Royale ft. Big Twins - The Let Go

Freddie Black & Tone Spliff - Real Life

DNTE ft. Falcon Outlaw - Washing Machine

Whispers ft. Sheek Louch - 1970's Heroin Flow

Banish Habitual & Castle Money Beats - Bang Bang

Che Noir ft. Termanology - Kiss The Ring (prod. by 38 Spesh)

Pop Da Brown Hornet Interview

Sophisticated Savage (Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed & Whiteowl) - Sophisticated Savage

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates ft. Kool G Rap & Spuddy Roots - Champion Sounds

Camoflauge Monk ft. GeneralBackPain - Inglewoodz Finest

Vic Spencer & Free Mind - The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Die

Mooch & Futurewave ft. Rigz & M.A.V. - Kill Papi, Pt. 2

Chris Orrick - America Online

RJ Payne ft. Benny The Butcher - Butcher Meets Leatherface

Mr. SOS & Mr. Enok ft. Cashmere The Pro - Memory Fields

Young Black And Gifted (Azariah And Kidd Called Quest) ft. Jae Hustle - More Than Music

Snotty & Str8 Bangaz - The Overdose

Percee P Interview

Vindetta ft. Magno Garcia - Grains Of Golden Sand

Big Bob & Nelson Dialect - Outlandish

Kemba - Last Year Being Broke

Bub Rock - Clover

Final Shoutouts

5-21-19: SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star, Def Soulja



Passport Rav ft. Napoleon Da Legend - Malcolm On Twitter

Keith Murray ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Al J - Cold Blooded

Noveliss - Train of Thought

DJ Davito ft. Royal Flush, Tragedy Kahdafi, Willie Stubz, Nutso & Big Twinz - Back 2 Queens

Tha Soloist - Knowstalgia (DJ TMB Tribute)

Shaz Illyork ft. Rome Streetz - 88 miles

Jason Famous Beats ft. Tito Fuerte (Wolfhead) - Kill Em All

Sheek Louch ft. Havoc & Fat Joe - New York Shit

Semi Six - Beauty (Freestyle)

Nems - Heavy Metal

DJ Premier ft. Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny the Butcher - Headlines

Big Shoes (Big Tone & House Shoes) ft. Quelle Chris - No Guest List

B Boy Mansini & Castle Money Beats - No Apoligies

Def Soulja Interview

Def Soulja - Breaker One Nine

Def Soulja - I.T.R.

Def Soulja Interview con't.

Def Soulja - Mood Change

MMX ft. Planet Asia & Knucles - You Will Die

Mic Handz, Stuck B & Thunny Brown - Here For The Work

Chuck Chan ft. L - Train - Clown Paint

Supreme Cerebral, Nowaah The Flood & The Kurse - Trust Nobody

Pearl Harba & Stan Da Man - Repping Time

Con$piracy & Greyhound ft. ALL Wize - Newzpaper

Big Bob ft. Mic Handz, Milano Constantine & LDontheCut - Cause for Concern

Recognize Ali ft. J Scienide & Tone Spliff - Driven

Jay Royale ft. Daniel Son - Horse Head

DJ Duke & Large Professor - Hard as Steel

Datkid & Leaf Dog ft. Roc Marciano - Scheme On

Curren$y & Statik Selektah ft. Jadakiss - Clear Pt. 2

Cocareef ft. Killy Shoot - Pistol AK

Sully Nomad & Ras Beats - Nueva York Diesel Pt. 2

Emma Lee - My Life

SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star Interview

SCVTTERBRVIN ft. Odessa Kane - Blue Flame

SCVTTERBRVIN ft. Leon St. Heron - Divine Comedy

SCVTTERBRVIN & Quis Star Interview con't.

Jamal Gasol - Wavy Flow (prod. by Quis Star)

Jamal Gasol - By Any Means (prod. by Quis Star)

Yellow Balaclava & Hobgoblin Beats ft. Josiah The Gift - Vegeta vs Jiren

Fatboi Sharif - Domestic Disturbance

Final Shoutouts

5-14-19: K. Burns, Cocareef



Craig G & Reel Drama - Who Stole the Soul

C-Nature - Sumthin' for the Kids

Bobby J From Rockaway - Throw Your W's UP (prod. by Breakbeat Lou)

Lord Balrog ft. Leaf Dog - GateWay Drug

Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) & Giallo Point - The Yellow Brick Wall

Neek The Exotic & Kool Taj The Great - My Favorite Weeds

MP & Vokab ft. Masta Ace - What Comes To Mind

Etcetera & Akili ft. DJ Royal - Rum & Coke

Big Shoes (Big Tone & House Shoes) - From My Mouth To Gods Ears

Vic Monroe - Soul Slap

Meta the Great Destroyer - Person That I Wear

Diamond D feat. Fat Joe, Raekwon & Fred The Godson - Survive or Die

West Philly Freck ft. Flee Lord, Crimepple, Rigz , Duffel Bag Hottie & Big Ooh - 6 Deep

Che Noir - Fall Of Rome (Prod. by 38 Spesh)

All Hail YT & Mute Won - Droga Legal

Prynce P - Darts

DREDi ft. Eto & Fastlife - Old Yankees

K. Burns Interview

K. Burns - Dishes

K. Burns ft. Eddie Kane - New Young G's

K. Burns Interview con't.

K. Burns ft. Mak P & Rim - Adios

Mr Cheeks & Craig G - Rebel Music (prod. by Pete Rock)

Diamond D feat. Erick Sermon & Havoc - The Three Kings

Chris Orrick - Funny Things

Certain.Ones - Delta High

Izzy Hott ft. The Musalini - White Burgunday

Realio Sparkzwell ft. Tone Spliff - Clark GabEL

Kenyattah Black & Rim - Gorrilah Rap

Pheonix - Sparta

Nyota - Glow

Spoda & Wavy Da Ghawd - On a Roll

Plays & Statik Selektah ft. Zâr - I Know

V Don, Willie The Kid & Eto - Floor Seats

Cocareef Interview 

Cocareef ft. Jamil Honesty, Micah Write, Sedizzy, The Lupus Dei Experience, Whata Mess & Ambishouz - Diamonds in the Rough

Cocareef Interview con't. 

Ren Thomas & Nef (Lost And Found) - Flashing Lights

Freddie Black & Flee Lord ft. DJ Eclipse - Tremendous Operation

SCVTTERBRVIN - Hunnit Stack$

Final Shoutouts

5-7-19: Rampage, Agallah & Doc Burns, Benny



Akbar - Loop 55

8ighty8 (SITH & iNTeLL) - POWAh

Mr. Noun & Execute - Do Without Who

SolCaesar (Tha Soloist & Brutal Ceaser) - 21 Guns

J57 - Voltaire

Certain.Ones - Nag Champa

AWOL Da Mindwriter - Night Trap

Cas Metah ft. Die-Rek - Head Strong

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates ft. Rasheed Chappell - Live On Air

Maid ft. Ruste Juxx - It's a Wrap

K Terror & Vinny Idol - Least Expect It

SpiderdaGod & Recognize Ali - Blood of the Royals (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)

Ill Bill & Stu Bangas ft. Blacastan & Spit Gemz - Tales To Astonish\

Apokalips The Archangel ft. Sum-01 - Heartbroke

Blu & Exile - True & Livin

Styles P ft. Lil Fame - The Professionals

Benny Interview

Wolfhead - Boogie Heads

Adam Koots ft. One Sixth & Joe Snow - Go Fish

Josiah The Gift - Not SeeIsm

Joe Mack & Free Mind- Gotta Get Mine

Rampage Interview

Yellow Balaclava & LaPlum ft. Indigo Phoenyx, Killy Shoot & General BackPain - Gimme The Bitch

Phonk P & Flee Lord - Bicoastal Lords

eNox ft. Buddy Leezle - Denny's

Agallah & Doc Burns Interview

Hus Kingpen & KXNG CROOKED - The Conversation

SageInfinite - The Man Behind The Mask

Sully Nomad - Nunca

Gaine$ & P Souloist ft. El Camino & Skate Cobain - Mr. Big Stuff

Final Shoutouts

4-30-19: I Am Many, Sydetrak Imperial (Age of Extinction)



Third Eye Merchants ft. Paranormal - Ain't What Ya Want

Ruste Juxx & ILL - Bring It

Aye Wun - Call Me

Slim One ft. M-Dot, Ren Thomas & Superstah Snuk - No Mercy For Pigs

Meta the Great Destroyer - Trashcan Grooves

Twistello, Last Composer, Chief Reckah & Sage Infinite - Fast Lane

Teller Bank$ & Blaq Knight - Fallen

Pearl Harba ft. Breana Marin - Don't Be Mad

G.S. Advance - Leather Bomber

Dope Knife ft. Linqua Franqa - Make Perfect (Remix)

NEMS - Gahbage

St. Ivan The Terrible - Who Needs Enemies

The Opioid Era - Narcan

WateRR & Ty Farris - Married To The Game

Nutso - Pray For Me

Cousin Feo & Lord Juco - Favela Favorites (prod. by Hobgoblin)

Aswad Mikal ft. Trey Special - Crown Jewels

I Am Many Interview

I Am Many - All Rise

I Am Many - One Two, One Two

I Am Many Interview con't.

eNox & Who - Buy Raw Report

Con$piracy & Greyhound - Curren$y & Wiz

Obi Khan - Rambo's Revenge

AnkhleJohn & Greymatter - Jason Mask

Yellow Balaclava & JPR Beatz ft. Josiah The Gift & Prestigious - Omar - 360

Mav Montana & Flu - Trials

Al.Divino - Fishscale

Sleep Sinatra & Fortes - Solid

Paomar & Twiz The Beatpro - Oh Lord

Sydetrak Imperial Interview

Sydetrak Imperial - Stop The Presses

Sydetrak Imperial - You See Me

Sydetrak Imperial con't.

K.Burns ft. Eddie Kane - New Young Gs

Final Shoutouts